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1.       To have a country free from poverty and build a nation where everyone has an equal chance of proving their capabilities for the needy.

2.       To have a nation where we have every child free from poverty and medical issues. Every woman from the rural area in India able enough to support her family and stand independent.

3.       To create a nation free from poverty and helplessness.

4.       To leave a healthy and well educated nation for our future generations.

5.       To create a nation our future generations will be proud off.

6.       To eradicate all the issues that plague our nation: hunger, poverty, infanticide, medical issues with the weaker section of the society.

7.       To create a better quality of life for the younger generations so that they give humanity a better chance.


Mission Heal organizes Health Awareness programme on World Health Day.Staff and Members participated in distribution of free books and cloths to the underprivileged.

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