Mission: Tree Plantation| Importance and Benefits for the Environment


Mission Heal is a charitable organization that promotes tree plantations. On the birthday of volunteers and donors, our NGO plants trees. Tree plantation is one of the most important engaging environmental activities. Till now, we had planted over 1, 00,000 trees to give something in return to Mother Nature. Tree plantations will benefit both humans and the environment. As we all know that New Delhi is the most polluted city in the world for consecutive four years. Undoubtedly, now you can clearly understand why we need to focus on tree plantations.

Except for free air for humans, trees play an important role in everyone’s life. As a responsible organization, we focus on both the individuals and our environment. In scientific terms, a tree plantation is also known as a forest plantation. This is the Mission that we plant more trees as compared to the last year. We need to plant more trees in Delhi as trees absorb the toxic chemicals and filter them. That is why this is important to have proper planning for tree plantations.

How does Mission Tree plantation, help the environment and individuals?

  • Clean air across the country

The more trees there are, the cleaner the air will be. This is due to the level of oxygen given off by the trees. This will then be transferred to living things, which helps us to breathe better and cleaner air. Similarly, trees can keep toxic gases and odors. Example odorous salts, nitrogen oxides, ozone, and sulfur dioxide. They can similarly channel particles from the wind using their bark and leaves.

  • Clean water and regular filtration

Trees and forests can provide general filtration by bringing clean water. This is because vegetation captures rainwater. Clean water and regular filtration prevents direct water splashing onto the ground.Soil draws toxins into neighboring waters and adversely affects marine life.Rainwater dials back, dirt and keeps more appropriate amounts of nutrients in proportion.

  • Carbon sequestration

Planting trees can help reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide in our air. Due to high carbon submission in atmosphere, it leads to unnatural climate change.The tree can swallow about 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide every year. This is a huge amount. This is our mission to try to reduce the carbon emission in Delhi.

  • Controlled temperature

Trees are nature’s jacket. That provides reassurance and shade during hot climates and stunning daylight. Depending on the number of trees, this could help protect a few people or an entire city! Huge cities and urban communities are becoming hotter than the surrounding areas. Pile trees can help protect against this effect.

  • Another living space for natural life

Wild animals use trees for cover, to build their homes, to get and store food, to mate, and to rest. Deforestation is happening all over the planet, these animals are in danger. By planting more trees, we are allowing them to thrive protected. These begin to focus on scratching the outer layer. Why the tree plantation is necessary and how does it affect planet Earth?

You too can join our NGO and become volunteers or donors and we will plant trees on your special day. Lastly, forgetting the daily updates to visit our social media sites. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.