Initiatives & Activities

The main objective of Mission Heal is to improve the lives of poor children, their families and communities through an approach that puts children at the centre of community development. A world where every woman, man and child leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.  Its aim is to promote and conduct activities of health care, mass Literacy, employment generation training activities, cultural and of charitable nature among the poor and the neglected people residing in undeveloped colonies and slums. Mission Heal is  a society based on equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity and a culture of service in which all are self-reliant. Besides this efforts are made to provide financial aid and assistance of other kinds to them. It aims at arousing the feeling of self confidence, self-reliance and establishment of socially integrated society. Presently its activities are spread over in the various Districts of India transcending barriers of caste, class and religion.   Mission Heal is a united force running scores of social, medical, educational and character building projects with dedication and selfless service.

Its role is one of empowerment: of encouraging ordinary men and women to believe in themselves and in their abilities to change their lives for the better.  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, including the right to food, health, work and education. Women bear the major responsibility for meeting basic needs, yet are systematically denied the resources, freedom of action and voice in decision-making to fulfill that responsibility.  Hunger and poverty are not problems of one country or another but are global issues.  Individual and community ownership of local development is critical. From identification of needs and problems, to planning and execution of projects, local people are involved at every stage


We are working with NGO partners at the grass root level to ensure that the children receive academic and material support. Mission Heal plans to support the lives of thousands of people which it touches through its various welfare activities and social/community initiatives that will empower them and provide them with a better living. We invite you to join our community, to become catalysts of change, and to strengthen the movement against poverty. Mission Heal vision is to encourage participation of the weaker section of the society in the development of the country. We aim to achieve literacy, eradicate poverty, empower women, uplift and instill confidence among the weaker sections of the society.