Mission Heal: A Private Voluntary Organization| Rise by Lifting Others

The simplest and shortest moral instruction wanted to be served as little as possible – and to serve others as much as possible. Mission Heal is a private voluntary organization that helps in the upliftment of marginalized people. We help to provide food to poor kids and toddlers on a daily basis. All of you along with our volunteers must have seen children and women picking up garbage outside. Sometimes they even pick up food items from the dustbin. In a country where tons of grain is produced and exported to other countries, according to the facts, about 200 million people go to bed hungry every night. Isn’t this number huge??

private voluntary organization

This made our NGO think about what we can do to serve their people. Mission Heal a private voluntary organization came up with Nutrition Program, in which we provide healthy food to around 1500-2500 poor people. We understand that this number is less, but we are taking a definite initiative, which is increasing the number of feedings day by day. All this happened with the support of our donors and volunteers.

We want to help every needy, but without your support and trust; we will not be able to achieve our goal. Due to Covid rules, we faced problem in providing food, as these kids and their families run to us seeing the food which can be dangerous for them so we strictly keep distance and then provide them food. But with time, people are becoming self-aware and following the norms of COVID.

Mission Heal not only provides food but also teaches them to sustain themselves in society is it physical or mental.We provide them with nutritious food as well as education, housing, and health check-up. We have volunteers who provide them with basic education so that they are not deprived of basic education. We have our rehabilitation center where counselors help them in finding their life goals.Unfortunately, many children are physically abused and left on roads to live. Our volunteers find them and provide them counseling so that the pain they were already suffering from can be reduced.

As the cases of Covid are decreasing, we are planning other activities which will directly improve their future. To provide them with such skills so that they can break the chain of poverty and help the needy. We support women’s empowerment and women’s safety. We had helped women on the streets of Delhi and now we are planning to train girls for their safety.

Mission Heal is a private voluntary organization that finds out the root cause of the problem and then ensures that every child gets educational and material support. We are planning to help thousands of people across India. If you can’t volunteer with us, then donate. Doesn’t matter big or small because every penny counts.

This will help us and the poor people to meet their daily needs without any hindrance. Join hands and help us make your country the best place to live. These children are the future of our country; we have to contribute together for them for their better future. You can see our work on our official websitehttps://missionheal.org/ .