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Mission Heal is a social movement organization for helping poor families. Our organization is helping poor families by giving them a better life. This NGO provides counseling to poor families for better survival. This blog is making you aware of the information on eye care. The eyes are the most vital sense organ. We can see the beautiful world with our eyes only. Thus, this becomes important to take care of your eyes in a proper way. Any carelessness with eyes can lead us to be dependent on others. The problem in the eyes can reduce the quality of life. It is necessary to have regular eye checkups at certain intervals of time.

Globally, 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment. In the presence of regular eye checkups if a doctor detects the problem, it can be easily detected. Vision impairment can affect a person of any age. Vision impairment is a serious issue that can have affected people worldwide. We as a Social movement organization help the poor people in their eye treatment. These people lack resources, due to which they are unable to get proper treatment. Our team of doctors provides eye checkup services for free.

In slums due to improper health services, people easily get their eyes affected. Like cataracts, Myopia, Glaucoma, Amblyopic, and Strabismus. We provide medical assistance to poor families for better survival. Our social movement organization helps poor people in getting a better life.

Why is it important to take good care of your eyes?

There are several ways that one can take good care of eyes. some of them are:-

1. Regular visual assessment
You should plan to have a comprehensive eye exam every year to recognize any progress in your vision. This will help you to keep your eyes in a healthy condition.

2. Give rest to your eyes
Depending on your work style and age, you should give rest to your eyes. Try not to lose sight of your versatility in dim light or illumination. Despite the adequate comfort, you should also enjoy a general respite from the screen.

3. Dealing with Contact Focal Points
Contact focal points are one of the essential wellsprings of visual infection. Pay great attention to your contact center points. Use prime quality contact focal point solution and wash center points daily. Assuming you can’t follow legitimate cleaning. Use focal points that are meant for everyday wear.

4. The right eyewear according to the situation:
The capacities of the eyes are according to the environmental conditions. Whenever you are on PC or mobile, do not forget to use blue glasses, while going out use UV protective eyewear.

Some facts about eye care

  • Parts of the important realities about eye care are:
  1. • Smoking prolongs the gamble of falling and age-related macular degeneration.
    • Most vision problems can be treated, yet the discomforts stem from amnesia.
    • UV radiation damages the eyes and can state various visual problems.
    • Low and untreated vision can state accidents, falls, and impending wounds.

Our Social Movement organization is providing medical services to help the poor. We arrange free eye check-up camps in schools and areas in slums for the betterment of the children and our youth. Do follow our cases and work done on a daily basis on our website. Get daily updates from Social media sites. Like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn.