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4 Steps Towards Women Empowerment

What’s the first thing that strikes your mind when it comes to girl’s education? It might remind you of a girl who could not get the opportunity to attend school or may be you could visualize girls happily going to school and gaining knowledge due to a welfare project. Both these situations are prevailing in the country today but we obviously wish to see girls completing at least primary school.
Basic education is a part of the Millenium Development Goals. Ample progress has been achieved in this regard yet there is a lot to be done. Present day challenges for improving girls’ education, skills, and job prospects have changed to a great extent. Hence, we list out 4 steps that can help girls fulfill their potential.
STEP: 1 Start right- Children develop rapidly during their early years in life. Hence, it’s important to provide proper nutrition as well as stimulation to girls in this early stage of development. This helps in building technical, cognitive and behavioral skills in girls which helps improve their productivity later in life.
STEP: 2 Schooling and Education- The next important thing is to ensure that all girls go to school and learn. Good learning standard, experienced teachers, adequate resources and proper regulatory environment are all very essential.
STEP: 3 Building job relevant skills- The participation of women in labor market is lower as compared to men. In India, high percentage of girls is neither employed nor is looking for a job which is a sign of low productivity. It’s important to level up the education as well as employment for women.
STEP: 4 Encouraging entrepreneurship- It’s important to widen the sphere of opportunities for women. Evolving life skills and providing livelihoods training to girls are essential to boost their scope of self-employment.