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World Thyroid Day: Mission Heal NGO’s Commitment to Thyroid Health

World Thyroid Day

World Thyroid Day is a global initiative celebrated on May 25th each year to raise awareness about thyroid-related disorders and treatment. In the pursuit of improving thyroid health worldwide.  World Thyroid Day with Mission Heal Mission Heal, a prominent non-governmental organization, has been at the forefront of creating a positive impact.This article explores the important…

Non Government Programs to Eradicate Poverty

Non-government Programs

Mission Heal launches a variety of non-government programs to eradicate poverty. The issues that are emerging in society are monitor by our organization. We are solely aiming to improve society and the nation. Making the world “a place where it should never harm a poor person” is our mission. Our Organization is easing the lives…

Promoting Inclusivity: Mission Heal NGO Celebrates Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day

Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day

Introduction: Mission Heal, a dedicated NGO working towards healthcare and well-being, recognizes the importance of embracing sex differences in health. In line with its mission, the organization celebrates Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day. An initiative aimed at acknowledging and addressing the distinct health concerns faced by the different sexes. By promoting inclusivity and understanding,…

Non-Governmental Development Organizationon Regular Health Checkups

Non-Governmental Development Organization

Non- governmental development organization helps unprivileged people and who caters the needs of low income group. The greatest part you can do is to assist someone who is in need. The same is true for those who are destitute; even though they would never seek for assistance; we must all step up to support these…

Government Approved NGO on Prevention of Blindness Week

Government Approved NGO

The world is beautiful, and we can see it for ourselves, therefore we can appreciate it. Since we can only see or experience things with our eyes, for instance, the role of the eyes is crucial for all living things. The eyes are the window through which we experience and comprehend the world. We can…

Non-Governmental Organization on Smoking Damage to Health

non-governmental organization

Smoking is one of the most serious concerns we are facing in the world. This smoking habit is killing many people and adversely affecting their families. There are numerous reasons why people easily adapt to this bad habit. One of the frequent reasons behind this is stress, anxiety, and many other personal issues. Mission Heal,…

Mission Heal NGO in India Making Awareness on World Water Day

World Water Day

Water is the most vulnerable resource in the world. All life forms on earth require water in some capacity in order to function. It is safe to argue that water is the main factor in Earth’s unique capacity to support life. One of the most important resources we have on earth is this all-purpose solvent….

Mission Heal Real on National Vaccination Day

Mission Heal Real

A vaccination drive is not something new; we are all familiar with this term, but over the last few decades it has become an important tool. Following the rapid spread of diseases and the emergence of new diseases, the emergence and importance of vaccination increased.Mission Heal Real today will discuss all about National Vaccination Day…

Private Voluntary Organization on Zero Discrimination Day

Private Voluntary Organization

Despite the fact that India has now been independent for more than 75 years, we are still facing the issue of discrimination. Discrimination is not bound to any specific area; it has diverse branches. For instance, there is discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, caste, colour, religion, and many more. On the day of…