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Health Check Up Camps

We organize health check up camps. Team of medical practioner headed over this camp. The doctor asses and counsel the patients & their parents. Also refer them to various Hospitals and Institutions to make them avail best of medical services. Health is a productive asset that influences economic growth significantly. According to the National Health Policy 2001 the morbidity & mortality levels in the country are still unacceptably high. We recognize that attainment of health indicators have been very uneven across the rural-urban divide. Access to public health services is nominal and health standards are grossly inadequate for the vulnerable sections of the society. The over all objectives of our health programmes have been Promotion of positive health, prevention of diseases, early diagnosis-treatment and follow up of disease, and provision of healthy environment.
With our experience we have found that there is immense need to strengthen the Immunization process in both urban and rural areas.

Mission Heal organizes Free General Health Check up Camp for Adults and Children.

Objectives of the program are:

  • To check up the general health of the growing children.
  • To aware the children and lactating and nurturing mothers about the healthy life and other common deficiencies like anemia, protein etc.
  • To identify the diseases and ensure referrals to the concerned hospitals.

Awareness on Prevention and Cure of Malaria:

Mission Heal organizes the health camps to create mass awareness about malaria and other diseases at the grassroots level. The program is carried out through fun and game to educate school children and the community members on dangers of malaria and on the ways to prevent it.