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Mission: Distributes Food in Slum Ghettos


The most basic need in someone’s existence is food. Moreover, it is a requirement for all living things. It is crucial that we avoid wasting food as a result.. First of all, the body needs protein to develop, preserve, and repair its organs, muscles, bones, and skin. Mission Heal mission is to distribute food in slum ghettos.

Food is obviously important and necessary. Our bodies need nutrition and energy to flourish, be physically fit, exercise, play, perform, think, and learn. To stay healthy, energetic, and productive, the human body needs a variety of the following five nutrients, which originate from the food we eat: protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

Good eating gives us these things. The body gets its nutrition and vigor primarily from food and water, yet many of the items we consume have had no nutrient benefit.It’s also critical to develop a healthy connection with food. Instead of focusing on what not to consume in moderation, think about what you could contribute to the fact the plate to boost their wellness

This include such nuts for heart and healthy, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are primarily found in berries, for fiber, and particularly the compounds known as antioxidants, which prevent oxidative stress.

Mission Heal always urge from people to donate for these needy people who live in slum ghettos to provide them best food and nutritious food.

Mission to Distribute Food to the Needy Ones

Our mission is to fill empty stomachs prior to the epidemic; poverty, starvation, and malnutrition were already serious issues in India. However, during the past few years, these issues have gotten much worse. Donations can be made to feed the hungry in India.

Mission Heal on a regular basis and feed these needy people to improve their condition. Furthermore, India has the highest number of malnourished people around the globe.

With one-third of the world’s underweight children becoming Indian, India is home to the highest rates of child malnourishment in the world.With one-third of the world’s underweight children becoming Indian. India is home to the highest rates of child malnourishment in the world.

We never stop moving as we look for and serve nourishing food to the hungry. A throng of poor people living by the side of the road surrounded us as we carried a number of packages of fast food, nutritious vegetables, and rice plates.

We provided them with a separate platter of delectable food in addition to numerous bags of chips and biscuits. The young children received juice bottles and boxes of delicious chocolate cookies from our volunteer.

Mission to Distribute Food

Many people struggle in our nation for food, and our mission is to put an end to this through the distribution of food to residents of slums as a part of our campaign.

Overall, every time it is a mesmerising experience. We are incredibly happy to see them satisfied with the flavor and nutritional value of the meals we give them during the entire “carrying away” process and after.

Putting in place a comprehensive strategy to help the poor, aged, and homeless people minimise their hunger by providing them with nutrient-dense food distributing food to the homeless in a sustainable manner with the goals of improving health, reducing inequality, and putting an end to hunger.

Impact of Feeding Poor People

To contribute in achieving zero hunger Mission Heal we daily set target to feed poor as well as homeless people around slum, over street, etc. Mission Heal seeks to end food waste, starvation, and malnutrition. You can give to an NGO that helps the underprivileged.There are 1.8 million homeless people in India, and 52 percent of them reside in urban areas. 73 million additional families reside in subpar housing.

Despite, economic progress in past few decades, about 25% of India’s population is hungry. Being an Organization fighting hunger in India, we are working hard to solve the root causes of hunger. In order to ensure that everyone in India has a proper level of living, we are making every effort to feed needy families there.

As a committed NGO, all we can do is make sure there is enough food to lessen the problems associated with hunger and malnutrition. Our primary goal at the moment is to feed hungry families and satisfy their need for a better life and food.

Our NGO’s effort to feed needy families in India is a new strategy to deal with them. India is famous for having a large agricultural area and abundance of food. Along with this, Indian tradition also includes the idea of ​​providing food to poor and hungry families. We are committed to keeping this tradition alive by providing food to needy families in India and keeping in mind India’s hunger.


In terms of hunger issues, we’re attempting to bring about the change we would like to see in the world. We work to develop solutions that feed hungry households and deploy food from many resources to those who require it, ensuring that a lack of dependable meals never stands in the way of a bright future full of excellent education, great health, and prosperous financial status.

Individuals gain confidence in their ability to consume meals on a regular basis and avoid going to bed hungry. We improved the lives of the homeless by providing them with a satisfying dinner.

We ought to feed the hungry for a variety of reasons. It is wrong that so many families are starving to death. Food is significant because our bodies require the proper level of nutrition to survive. Those who eat are also more energetic and productive. Food waste only results in the loss of lives. Everyone ought to lend a hand to those who are in need.

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