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NGO in India Mission Heal helping the poor in their bad circumstances

NGO in India

Adverse situations can arise unexpectedly, and unfortunately, in India, poverty is a persistent problem. The gap between the wealthy and the impoverished continues to widen each day. It’s disheartening to see that democracy and the constitution have little impact on the lives of the poor. However, the Mission Heal NGO in India is making a…

Promoting Inclusivity: Mission Heal NGO Celebrates Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day

Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day

Introduction: Mission Heal, a dedicated NGO working towards healthcare and well-being, recognizes the importance of embracing sex differences in health. In line with its mission, the organization celebrates Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day. An initiative aimed at acknowledging and addressing the distinct health concerns faced by the different sexes. By promoting inclusivity and understanding,…

Government Approved NGO on Prevention of Blindness Week

Government Approved NGO

The world is beautiful, and we can see it for ourselves, therefore we can appreciate it. Since we can only see or experience things with our eyes, for instance, the role of the eyes is crucial for all living things. The eyes are the window through which we experience and comprehend the world. We can…

Mission Heal NGO in India Making Awareness on World Water Day

World Water Day

Water is the most vulnerable resource in the world. All life forms on earth require water in some capacity in order to function. It is safe to argue that water is the main factor in Earth’s unique capacity to support life. One of the most important resources we have on earth is this all-purpose solvent….

Mission Heal Review | A supporter to Community

Mission Heal Review

Mission Heal provides hope for many people who are from unprivileged communities in India. In today’s world, everyone is rushing around, with no time for themselves. We get NGO workers here who help people at the ground level. In today’s blog, we will discuss supporting Mission Heal as a community member. Here we write a…

Mission Heal Fake a Myth To Create Distress Among Donors.

Mission Heal Review

Today, we’d like to ask our readers, donors, and well-wishers about the rumor that Mission Heal fake. We understand the donor’s quandary of deciding whether or not to trust because they are donating money to the NGO. There is, however, a distinction between asking and questioning someone’s dignity. It is heartbreaking to call the organization’s…

Mission Heal Celebrates National Pollution Control Day

Mission Heal

Every year on 2 December, India observes the National Day against Pollution. This claim more lives than any other disease and is on par with cigarette smoking. According to a study, more than 24 lakhs people died in India due to this. The day observed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of pollution. In…

An NGOs In India To Satiate The Hunger | Mission Heal

NGOs in India

India is a self-sufficient and self-reliant country and has an Indian godown that is overflowing. Also, people are starving from hunger. We understand this concern, so we, as an NGOs in India, are working towards a goal of satiating the hunger of underprivileged families and individuals. Due to low and uncertain incomes, families reliant on…

Help To Fight Against Cancer With Mission Heal, an NGO in India

At present, the disease of cancer has taken a terrible form in the world, especially in India. An NGO in India supports the fight against cancer. It is one of the leading causes of death. This continues to be the cause of concern even today. Currently, cancer is the preeminent cause of death after heart…