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Mission Heal Celebrates National Pollution Control Day

Mission Heal

Every year on 2 December, India observes the National Day against Pollution. This claim more lives than any other disease and is on par with cigarette smoking. According to a study, more than 24 lakhs people died in India due to this. The day observed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of pollution. In addition, the country deals with disaster like the Bhopal gas tragedy. On this day, Mission Heal celebrates National Pollution Control Day. In this article, we look at its purpose, history and other important facts.

According to a report published in Lancet Planetary 2019, there were 16.7 lakhs or 17.8% deaths worldwide. 9.7 lakhs people died due to air pollution with PM2.5 levels. You may be wondering what PM level 2.5. It is a combination of suspended solid and liquid particles in the atmosphere.

Household pollution was the second foremost cause of death for 6.4 lakhs people after air pollution. In terms of household biomass pollution, burning is the biggest cause of air pollution in India. It is followed by coal burning and crop burning.

According to the report, when it comes to the north Indian plain, New Delhi is one of the most polluted cities. In India, water impurity killed 5 lakhs people, occupational pollution caused 16 lakhs deaths, and lead exposure claimed 23,00,000 lives.

Pollution is the major cause in India. India is not only who is facing it alone and fighting with it. It called as environment pollution. There are many factors responsible for causing pollution.  Fossil Fuels are the major reason for the pollution, when they burn, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases.  Three adverse effects of burning fossil fuel climate change, air pollution and water pollution.

Mission Heal: Objective of National Pollution Control Day

Mission Heal as responsible NGO is serious about changing environment condition into a dangerous one.  Now let us discuss about the objective to celebrate this.  The major objective is to raise awareness about companies that contribute to several types of pollution, including noise, water, air, and soil, all of which have an effect on the condition and, therefore, health. We should not forget the Bhopal gas tragedy, which was the most severe accident till now and involved the leak of the posinous Chemical Methyl Isocyanate (MIC).

In order to create a better or a cleaner environment, it is also crucial to educate people about this severe condition. To tackle harmful the Indian government passed a number of rules, including one in Delhi that restricted the number of vehicles on the road and started even and odd parking. The major governing authority, the National Pollution Control Board (NPCB), periodically examine companies to determine whether they are long lasting with environmental standards.

Why Do We Celebrate National Pollution Control Day?

Controlling the industrial disaster and lowering pollution are the main factors, as was already said. Governments all across the world enact a variety of laws to improve and stop pollution.

What is the tragic story behind Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

The Bhopal Gas tragedy took place on December 2 and 3, 1984, when a pesticide plant owned by UCIL (Union Carbide India Limited) in Bhopal, MP, leaked the harmful matters MIC (methyl isocyanate) along with other chemicals. More than 500,000 people came into contact with the toxic gas MIC. 2259 people died immediately, while the MP government  estimated that there had been 25,000 deaths. It  is the worst industrial disaster in human history.

Negative Effect of Air Pollution

There are serious negative effect of pollution on humanity. In addition to risking human health, pollution can also have a negative impact on the surroundings. Pollution has been linked to many illnesses, including typhoid, asthma, pneumonia, and more. The environment is also impacted by pollution. Pollution harms not only humans but also animals and forests. The carbon dioxide released by plastics and the smoke from moving cars, which also disturbs the oxygen content of the air, creates pollution. Pollution causes ozone layer loss and global warming.

The shift in climatic situation is one of the main reasons for the rise in pollution levels. Prior to this time, climate change occurred at roughly again and again, but now things are different and nearly impossible.

Climate change occurred at nearly same periods in prior decades, but now the situation has altered and it is almost impossible to forecast when each season will arrive. Pollution has an impact on rivers and other large bodies of water as well. In order for us to live in safety and health on the planet Earth, it is very serious that, garbage from factories and industries is frequently thrown in rivers.

Situation of Pollution in Delhi

Delhi the capital of India and a metropolis state in India that serves as the center of many factories and businesses. The state is the site of all important social movements and business partnerships. One of the most polluted cities in the world, Delhi is home to 20 million people.

The release from factories and other industrial businesses are one of the most important drivers of the pollution in Delhi, while there are other factors at play. According to the observations and reports, Delhi’s air is extremely dirty, which is dangerous for both people and the condition. We are the ones who need to take action to improve the situation, stop pollution, and protect Mother Earth.

How Can Mission Heal Contribute Towards Reducing Pollution?

It is our duty as Indian citizens to curb rising pollution levels and protect the environment and our fellow being. There are many ways that we can help with this. Some steps for doing this include planting trees, avoiding plastic, monitoring for smoke in cars, developing sustainable products, etc. We need money for all of these things, and donation is the best ways to raise money and launch an organization to fight this and benefit society. There are many organizations and groups devoted for curbing pollution, and it is necessary to join their support. Increasing public knowledge is an excellent place to start.

People are not aware of pollution’s bad effects. Launching a campaign to inform people about the risks that pollution can pose to both humans and the atmosphere  is therefore crucial. Schools and colleges are required to educate children. A culture of safety and healthy living is required.

Mission Heal does a lot of work to save the environment from abuse. We run plant a tree program to save our mother earth.  We have pledged to plant trees every year on  every Feb month to honor our donors.

Apart from this before also we were actively taking part  in saving the atmosphere,  we have distributed mask in Delhi region to aware people about the pollution and its preventive steps.

We hope you are not aware of the national pollution control day. You can visit our website, where we have written blogs on various issues to serve to our readers’ needs. Let’s pledge together to make this world’s unpolluted for our future generations.

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