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Government Approved NGO on Prevention of Blindness Week

Government Approved NGO

The world is beautiful, and we can see it for ourselves, therefore we can appreciate it. Since we can only see or experience things with our eyes, for instance, the role of the eyes is crucial for all living things. The eyes are the window through which we experience and comprehend the world. We can only fully comprehend a situation by seeing it with our own eyes. Mission Heal a government approved NGO for prevention of blindness week.

As they say, believing is seeing. What it really implies is that even if we chance to hear a few words from others, we might have our own concerns about their veracity, but once we’ve seen them with our own eyes, we could be sure to believe them.

The situation is entirely changed if someone is blind. A blind person cannot experience the world in the same way that it is sighted people. To make up for the vision loss in their eyes, they have to work harder at using their other senses and attempt to see the world through those lenses.

At least 2.2 billion individuals worldwide suffer from a near- or distant visual impairment, according to the World Health Organization. Around half of these cases at least 1 billion involve vision impairment that was either avoidable or unaddressed.

Mission Heal a government approved NGO sees Eyes are the window through which we perceive and comprehend the world; only by being, able to see anything in its entirety are we able to comprehend it fully.It is only by looking at things with our own eyes that we are able to recognize and comprehend circumstances.

Government Approved NGO on Blindness Prevention Week

The Indian government has designated April 1–7 as Blindness Prevention Week to increase public awareness of blind people. For those who experience it, blindness is a painful affliction that cannot be perceived by those who have eyes, but is a major issue. India has a large population of people who are blind either by birth or accident.

Despite the fact that the campaign was designed to educate nearly all of the country’s citizens on the importance of eyes for the blind.In our country, blindness affects 9.3 million individuals in which 2, 70,000 are children. There are about 37 million blind people in the globe.

The Indian government established a number of organizations, agencies, hospitals, etc. as part of its effort to increase awareness of the issue and give blind people greater chances. People receive instruction on health and eye care topics throughout the week.

In India, April 1–7 is recognized as the Week of Blindness. It is believed to alert people to the different elements that contribute to blindness. In addition, during the week, people learn about a variety of eye injuries, visual impairments, prevention, care, and therapy.

An attempt is being made to promote excellent eye hygiene across the country through free eye care clinics and camps, teachers, social workers, and medical professionals. The National Society for the Prevention of Blindness India (NSPBI), with the assistance of state and local branches, sponsors India Blindness Prevention Week.

What is Glaucoma?

The term “glaucoma” basically refers to a series of eye conditions where the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the eyes to the brain, has been harmed. The primary cause of the disorder is unusually high pressure inside the eyes. The elevated eye pressure may harm the optic nerve over time, slowly causing vision loss. The illness might result in blindness if neglected.

Causes of Glaucoma

Moreover, Glaucoma can develop without a known cause, but a variety of variables can influence it. Intraocular eye pressure is the most critical of these elements. Aqueous humor, which produced by the eyes, feeds them. The fluid enters a front of your eye through your pupil. The drainage channels that are situated between the iris and cornea allow fluid to exit a healthy eye.

The drainage tubes experience increased resistance as a result of glaucoma. Due to a lack of a suitable outlet, the fluid accumulates in your eye. The eye is under pressure from this extra fluid. This increased eye pressure may eventually harm your optic nerve and cause glaucoma.

Type of Glaucoma

There are many types of Glaucoma the effects human eyes. They are as follows.

Open-Angle Glaucoma

In the earlier stages of open-angle glaucoma, the majority of sufferers show no symptoms at all. Furthermore, It appears that the drainage channels are open and operating normally. The optic nerve may become compressed over the course of months or years due to an accumulation of fluid in the eye. Because the majority of people don’t have symptoms, the condition may go unnoticed for years. It takes quite a bit of harm before the problem is obvious. Yet, if the illness worsens, the person could go through:

  • Peripheral Vision Loss
  • Blind Vision

Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma

This uncommon form of glaucoma, also known as angle-closure or narrow-angle, frequently manifests unexpectedly (acute). It happens when your iris and cornea make a too-narrow angle. That might take place if your pupil changes and dilates too quickly. As a result, your drainage canals blocked and aqueous fluid cannot exit your eye, increasing ocular pressure. There may be severe symptoms, such as eye pain and headaches, which call for prompt medical attention.

The symptoms are as follows:

  • Unbearable headache
  • Unbearable eye pain
  • Vomit Up
  • Dim vision
  • Nimbus or Halos
  • Redness in Eye

Blindness Prevention Week History

Jawaharlal Nehru and Raj KumariAmrit Kaur were the founding members of the National Association for the Prevention of Blindness, which established in 1960 (under the Societies Registration Act of 1860). NSPBI is an entirely volunteer-run organization that obtains funding from donations and contributions. Sight Savers, Rotary International, and other significant corporations are active partners with NSPBI.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and other NGOs, launched the global initiative “Vision 2020: The Right to Sight” with the goal of eradicating preventable blindness by the year 2020. The Indian government has joined this effort. India was the first nation to request for a loan with financial assistance from the International Development Agency of the World Bank in order to fight blindness.

Prevention of Blindness Week: How to Maintain Healthy Eye Sight

Mission Heal a government approved NGO will suggest you ways of keeping the eye healthy is an important aspect, as it will prevent many ill effects on the eye such as loss of vision and many more. More importantly, approx. 90% of the sights we see coming from our sense of sight. There are many preventive measures that will help protect the eye from any type of illness.

1.     Use Protective Eyewear

To prevent eye injuries, it is crucial to use the right eye protection. Whether at the office, completing a project or around the house always wear eye protection. Always use safety glasses or protective eyewear to reduce the chance of something coming into contact with your eyes. Wearing sunglasses will protect your eye from harmful UV radiation.

2.     Keep Diet on Check

For healthy eyes, it’s important to consume zinc, vitamin E, lutein, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are abundant in nuts, legumes, citrus fruits including oranges and grapefruit, and citrus vegetables. These vitamins and minerals found in abundance in green vegetables and rich seafood. A well-balanced diet should contain foods from various dietary groups.

3.     Visit Doctors

Regular eye exams should  obtained by everyone, but especially by children. It not only protects your eyes, but it also enhances your vision. Regular eye exams may help find issues like myopia, which show no symptoms.

Mission Heal a government-approved NGO observes a healthy vision contributes to higher athletic ability improved driving ability and better vision for life as well.

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