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Mission Heal Fake a Myth To Create Distress Among Donors.

Mission Heal Review

Today, we’d like to ask our readers, donors, and well-wishers about the rumor that Mission Heal fake. We understand the donor’s quandary of deciding whether or not to trust because they are donating money to the NGO.

There is, however, a distinction between asking and questioning someone’s dignity. It is heartbreaking to call the organization’s dignity into question and spread rumors about mission heal fake.

If Mission Heal has been a forgery, the government would have revoked 20,000 NGO licenses by 2020. We are also aware that the number of bogus non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has increased since COVID-19. Many NGOs are swindlers.

India has 3 million non-governmental organizations (NGOs). All of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have contributed to the development of a strong civilized society,.  The role of NGOs has become increasingly important as the country deals with the COVID-19 lead pandemic. Volunteering or monetary donations are unquestionably critical in such an unexpected situation.

Our organization works tirelessly to keep children at the forefront of community development. We help poor children, their families, and the entire community.

Working hard to keep children at the forefront of community development. We assist poor children, their families, and the community as a whole.

I believe we should all pause before passing judgement on anyone. When we hear something negative about someone, we all believe it. This is especially true for a non-profit organization that works selflessly for the benefit of an underprivileged community. We will most likely advise you to conduct additional research before making accusations.

You may be thinking that NGOs play an important role, but how do you know if what they are doing shows reliability or not, given that there have been several cases of fraudsters scanning people under the guise of doing noble work.

Providing Evidence to the Statement Is Mission Heal Fake?

Do you think in this busy world that even family members don’t have the time to talk to each other after sharing the same roof?

Have you ever wondered why an organization would commit a scam by risking their own stake? You should probably visit our site, https://missionheal.org/ and take a survey about the organization.

Now we’d like to raise the question to you, why did you start assuming that Mission Heal Fake ? Yes, our volunteers call donors who have contributed to this cause previously. But what is wrong is that we see it as our responsibility to inform the donors about the new cases in our NGO.

We are concerned about their condition, and we just see them as a source of hope for these poor families and children. You should probably ask what it will cost you to donate a small amount to them.

What difference will it make to your economic condition? Probably most will answer nothing… Yes, it will cost you nothing if you have done this previously. Yes, it is quite common to get irritated when someone calls and asks for charity. It is pretty easy at first to donate. But continuously, donating to a cause is something donors lack.

You may have come across about Heal Mission during this time when we distributed food and clothing to the needy. If Mission Heal is a fake organization why would it create a problem for itself at the time of pandemic by food distribution camps and cloth distribution camps.

Mission Heal Post Covid Drive

Even after post-COVID, our NGO Mission Heal, against whom the agenda is trending over the internet, is mission heal fake organization. We distribute food daily to the unprivileged children. We estimate that around 150 meals are being given to the needy daily.

You can also see the drop box outside the NGO or malls or few offices for the collection of donations. Sometimes volunteers also stand outside the mall and tell people about the success stories of children who were provided through us during difficult times.

You can visit the Mission Heal website, where you can see we started a drive named the Poshan program, in which you can clearly see we give food to colonies in Delhi.

If you can’t afford to give them the money, you can also contribute by donating old clothes to us. There are many donors who send clothes to us that are in good condition, but sometimes we get clothes that are not in good condition.

Now we would like to raise a question to them, who all claim that we are, and say that you would like them to send us clothes that are torn. Why would I send these clothes to anyone, especially an NGO?

Are you so inhuman towards your loved one also? The answer might be no! So why would you send these clothes to us just because we are seeking help?

This world is full of selfish people who are inhuman even to their loved ones. You can also call us to donate food, but we want to be clear that we don’t pick up food from donors. Previously, we had done this, but sometimes food spoils and it is of no use.


Now we prepare food in our own kitchen and take care of all measures while preparing food for children, as their health is our foremost priority. There are chances of food being soiled leading to food poisoning due to the course of time of sharing the food, if someone donates the food. We also work with the agenda child first.

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