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Mission Heal Real | Actions speak out louder than words

Non-profit Organization

Many questions arise is Mission Heal Real or a Scam. Well, discussing it is very important to make people aware of the truth. Many fingers are pointed at our NGO that whether we are serving so many people or just showcasing it. So you will better get these updates from our social media pages. Your every doubt will clear automatically from there. We every update our daily work to aware and reach more people, who believe that together we can uplift the society.

We are trying to understand why we get asked such questions. Our volunteers are working day and night to serve people. Think of the situation, how they will feel that their hard work is judged wrongly. They are serving families and children selflessly. Still, many obligations came on us that whether real or a scam. But in reality, we are registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882. Registered under Section 12 (A) and 80(G) of Income Tax Act, 1961, Govt. of India.

Let’s have a look at our various ongoing activities: –

These are some of the services which Mission Heal is providing to poor families.

  1. Food Distribution 

Through our ongoing program “Poshan Program” our volunteers feed 5000 individuals with complete nutritional diet. We serve at various locations like Delhi/NCR, U.P. etc. People from low-income families face a lot of difficulty in arranging three times meals in a day. We help them by feeding them regularly.

  1. Clothes Distribution

After food, clothes are also important for human better survival. We organize camps where people can come and can donate their clothes in wearable conditions, to poor families. Volunteers collect those clothes, then we wash, iron, sort according to age factor, and then distribute them to the needy in slums.

  1. Counseling to children

Mission Heal Real NGO has a team of doctors. They take counseling sessions for depressed children. Doctors take several sessions where they counsel the children mentally.   Counsel to study and guide then in right direction.

  1. Education facility

Our NGO facilitates children in slum areas with education. Volunteers of our NGO visit door-to-door and aware people importance of education. Education is the best tool by which they can improve their current living situation. On regular basic volunteers avail free educational kits to the children of slums.

  1. Tree Plantation

On the Birthdays of our Donors, we plant trees on their behalf. This help in improving the air quality of the atmosphere. This also helps in regulating the rain cycle. We conduct this activity to improve the life quality of every individual.

Binding up:-

Instead of helping poor people in every best possible way we still get judged. We bring happiness to millions of faces and lives. Our NGO works for the upliftment of women. We encourage women’s empowerment in society. Mission Heal Real NGO is always ready to serve persons who are in need.

To live a healthy life is the basic right of every individual. All the persons who want to help us in this noble work are most welcome. We always come forward in bettering society. Our sole objective is to bring happiness and heal lives of poor people.

We are working with a great mission and vision for the welfare of the needy. Everyone has their own views, but before deciding anything you can visit our website https://www.missionheal.org/. You can also mail us at [email protected]/. You can also check daily updates from our social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.