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Community-Based Organization| Helping Poor Community for survival

community-based organization

Mission Heal is a Community-Based Organization for helping poor communities. Mission heal gives helpful things for the improvement of poor people. MH NGO tries to improve the life quality of families and children living in slums. Our NGO initiates drives, that it will help them in bettering themselves.

Our organization helps poor families and children in meeting their daily needs. Daily needs include food, water, and, medicines. We help the poor sections of society. During the pandemic, these families suffered from hunger. At that time also distributed food packets with proper government guidance. These families are daily wage workers who earn and spend daily. They barely have any savings for many days.

To target to achieve hunger-free India for which we run a campaign “Poshan Program”. Under this initiative, we distribute nutritious healthy food in slums. During the initial lockdown, people panicked for their survival. Our volunteers visited several locations and firstly counsel them. Assisting at the right time helped many families in their survival.

Our NGO works for the vulnerable section of society. For those who cannot meet their day-to-day needs, we avail them basic things. The mission is not only to serve every youth and their families with the best quality prepared meals. But also, a better schooling system, a focus on restoration, and more down the line.

Hunger is a typical issue that influences a huge number of individuals in India. Suppose you unintentionally lost lots of weight in a few months which is not normal. Continuously you are feeling tired, feeble, and getting sick. These are some symptoms of malnourishment.

How do we help poor families as Community-Based Organization?

During the pandemic, our volunteers helped lakhs of families. We distributed food to over 3000-4000 individuals in a day at various locations. Under nutrition has affected more than 150 children. This directly leads to malnutrition in children. In case it stays for a longer period it can lead to the death of a person. Just imagine a situation where you are unable to eat for 3-4 days.

Isn’t this difficult to imagine?But our volunteers continued their distribution during that difficult time also. Our Community-Based Organization is working day and night to bring change into society. We organize camps at several locations. There we educate people to treat every individual as equal and respect everyone.

During our volunteer activities, we met a family who has not eaten for several days. Their children were weeping due to hunger. His father was helpless and told us that he is a sweeper in an office but due to lockdown he lost his job. He barely earns Rs. 5000 a month. His family’s whole survival depended on his income. He was very sad that he could not feed his family. Volunteers of our NGO urgently avail their family a full month’s ration. That ration contains rice, flour, pulses, and some vegetables. Her mother immediately cooked the food and feed herself along with her children. These were their words ” Aapne dusri zindgi de di hume, hum toh umid hi chhor chuke the ki koi hamari madat karne aayega. Humare bachhe bhook se ro rahe thei par hum kuch kar v nai paa rahe the. Bhut sukriya apka”.

At that time listening to those words boosted our energy level to help more such families. We then distributed cooked meals along with monthly rations at various locations. Volunteers get lots of blessings for helping the families.


Common symptoms of poor health include:

  • Unexpected weight loss 

5% to 10% loss or weight loss for more than 3 to one and a half years is one of the major symptoms of the disease.

  • Low body weight 

Individuals with low body weight (BMI) of less than 18.5 are at risk of being malnourish. If a child is suffering from malnutrition, their family may need support to address the cause. If these dietary changes aren’t enough, a doctor may suggest you take more nutrients.

Causes of Malnutrition: – 

Malnutrition is a difficult condition. That occurs when you do not have the right proportion of supplements in your diet.

Hunger can happen for many reasons. The areas under the frame explain these possible causes in more detail.

This is a sign of “under nutrition” and may indicate:

  • Under nutrition – not getting enough supplements

Under nutrition is a type of malnutrition. It occurs when the body does not get enough food and enough necessary nutrients. It can lead to:

  1. delayed growth
  2. low weight
  3. wasting
  • Over nutrition – taking an overdose of supplements

Over nutrition have many health issues. People who have overweight or obese are at greater risk of:

  1. heart disease
  2. high blood pressure
  3. diabetes
  4. cancer
  5. high cholesterol

Less food intake

Some individuals promote poor health because there is not enough food available.They experience problems eating or maintaining supplements.

This could be because of:

  1. Disease
  2. Liver infection
  3. Conditions that cause illness or challenge eating or swallowing
  4. Taking medicines that make it difficult to eat – for example, because of restlessness
  5. Mouth problems, (implanting false teeth can also exacerbate a lack of a healthy diet.)

If a child is suffering from malnutrition, their family may need support to address the cause. If these dietary changes aren’t enough, a doctor may suggest you take more nutrients.

How Malnutrition effect a Human Body?

  • State of emotional well-being

Under nutrition or poor health can affect individuals:

  1. Suffering
  2. Madness
  3. A type of mental disorder
  4. Anorexia Nervosa

Dietary problems can affect the personal satisfaction of individuals. Living with these conditions and those close to them are difficult. Early mediation and treatment work incredibly well on your chances of recovery.

Conclusion: –

Our Community-Based Organization is feeding millions of hungry stomachs.Together we can eradicate malnutrition from the society. You can help them by supporting in any form. You can donate anything like food, clothes, medicines etc.  Visit our website to know more about ushttps://missionheal.org/. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.