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Social Movements | Bringing awareness about regular health checkups

Social Movement organization

Mission Heal NGO supports poor people through various social movements. We help low-income families by supporting them in survival. Supporting a person in need is the best thing you can do. The same goes for poor people they will never ask you to help but we all have to come forward and help these families. Mission Heal gives counseling to the poor people for their upliftment. India is a nation with more number of young people. But unfortunately, a more number of the population lives in slums.

Around 450 million people currently suffer from mental disorders. Our NGO gives counseling to patients who are suffering from mental illness. According to WHO one in four people in the world is suffering from mental disorders. Treatments are available but, unfortunately, only two-thirds of people get treated. We are working to give these people new hopes with new understandings.

Mental illness is not the fault of that person it happens to everybody at a certain point in their lives. We counsel them and help them in fighting back against the situation. Helping them with their mental illness improves their condition. Slowly, they inspire many people suffering from the same or the other problem.

Social Movements like food distribution counseling help the families in improving their condition. Depressive disorders are already the fourth leading cause of the global disease burden. They will rank second from 2020, behind ischemic heart disease, but ahead of all other diseases. We have to provide them with safety through counseling and regular health checkups.

Social Movements that are conducted for poor people by Mission Heal NGO:-

Mission Heal NGO supports poor families by providing quality food. On average our volunteers avail food to at least 450 families. During the distribution, we met many people with lots of hopes and happiness. They wait for us for food or any other supplies so that they feel happy. We talked to so many people and in the last; all say the same thing that they are happy because they have us. Listing to such words, we work with more energy and joy. Try to help the families in need trust us it is equal to worshiping your GOD.

The Mission Heal NGO strives health awareness to the society. We visit slums and rural areas and aware people of the importance of physical and mental health. Maintaining both the health is compulsory. Disturbance or issue in any one of them affects both the health.

Mission Heal NGOs

Encouraging people through our social movements is bringing positive changes in our society. We urge everyone living anywhere in the world to take care of their own and the people around them. Mental illness is difficult to handle alone. Children at a very young age are now suffering from depression and other issues. That is why we need to take care of our health and wellness.

If our health got disturbed either we will suffer or we have to do a lot of things to maintain or gain it back. Children at low age suffer from malnutrition and this is a very serious condition. Our NGO is trying to meet the daily nutrition. Through our ongoing “PoshanProgram” we are feeding many hungry stomachs.

You can become our part by donating and helping us. Come forward and collaborate with us in helping. You can visit our website for reading more blogs and articles https://missionheal.org/. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for daily updates.