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Mission to Heal a step to uplift poor families and bring happiness to their lives

Mission to Heal

Poor families is a term that resonates with all of us. We can all empathize with the sacrifices they make, the struggles they endure, and the sense of powerlessness they feel when they are unable to provide their loved ones with the life they deserve. Poor families are the one who lacks needs and respect both. Today, we understand the challenges that poor families face and what we do as a mission to heal and uplift them.

Mission to heal goals and motives.

Mission to heal, aim to eliminate the issues that poor families face, including hunger, health, education, and empowerment. It is important to tackle these isseus to promote the growth of community. Community is the backbone of any nation, and by addressing these issues, we can strengthen our communities and, in turn, our country. 

What problems do poor families face in society?

  • Limited access to education Poor families may struggle to afford a quality education, limiting their children’s future opportunities for success.
  • Lack of healthcare access low income families lack healthcare due to various resons such as financial instability and resources..
  • Food insecurity Poor families often struggle to access sufficient and nutritious food regularly, which can harm their health and well-being.
  • Financial instability: Insufficient income and limited job opportunities can perpetuate the cycle of poverty by making it hard for poor families to meet their basic needs.

Low-income families’ stats in India

  • According to recent data, the number of families living below the poverty line would be 3,051,000 if the cut-off mark were fixed at 17. This indicated by the Government of India, which is 2,677,000.
  • According to the findings of the index, the multidimensional poverty rate (MPI) in India decreased from 29.17% in 2013–14 to 11.28% of the population in 2022–23. This means that about 24.82 crore people have moved out of this bracket in a period of nine years, up to 2022–23.
  • According to the latest data from the World Bank and other sources, as of December 2018, 6.9% of India’s population still lives below their national poverty line. 63% of the population is in extreme poverty. These poverty trends are updated in real-time on the World Poverty Clock.
  • India has 97 million poor children, which account for 21.8% of the child population aged 0–17 years.

How can education break the cycle of poverty for poor families?

Education can be a game changer for families who are struggling with poverty. It provides people with the power to make better choices and take control of their lives. With the help of education. Individuals can find better job opportunities and earn higher wages, breaking free from the limitations of low income.

Education also opens doors to resources like scholarships and support programs, easing the financial burden. It’s not just about money; education promotes better health, critical thinking skills, and social mobility. 

Mission to Heal: giving a helping hand to low-income families

Our NGO, Mission Heal Hope, aims to assist every needy person who is deprived of basic rights and resources in the country. We believe that these facilities should be accessible to every individual. 

mission to heal believes that a stronger community, can contribute to society and country and reach it to new hieghts. With just a little support from us, these individuals can achieve great things in the future.

Mission to heal a savior of lives.

  • Mission to Heal provides healthy meals and healthcare facilities to low-income families in slums and on the on the streets.
  • As an organization, we are committed to empowering and uplifting women. We believe that women play a crucial role in a country’s growth. We offer them quality education and skill development training. Our aim is to help them become financially independent and contribute to their families and society.
  • Our organization provides quality education to underprivileged children whose families are unable to afford schooling. We support these children by providing them with free study materials and knowledge to help secure a brighter future.


Our mission is to help underprivileged families by supporting them in every aspect of their lives. We believe these innocent lives have no one to rely on, and if we don’t help them, their potential will go to waste. There are many people in poor families who hold the potential to change the world. That’s why we are dedicated to supporting the less fortunate by meeting their basic needs.

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