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Monthly Healing Updates – Apr 2020

Mission Heal conducted a special drive “Mission Covid-19 Hunger Relief” in coordination with the police to identify major areas affected with Covid -19 situation. The biggest problem the people in these areas are facing is the availability of food and rations.  For weeks, they have been without any work and most have exhausted their savings.   The complete lockdown has also generated psychological stress and fear psychosis among large sections of society including children, women, and elderly. Homeless are hardly aware of the dangers of Coronavirus and the solutions available to fight against it. The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to spread, with growing numbers of confirmed cases in India. This makes lakhs of homeless living on the streets with lack of ability to self- quarantine, access to medical care acutely vulnerable. This NGO mission is to provide help to them for survival.  You can view our work in the month of April 2020.