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Monthly Healing Updates – Jun 2020

Mission Heal is a society based on equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity, and a culture of service in which all are self-reliant. Besides this, the effort is made to provide financial aid and assistance of other kinds to them.  We distributed face mask, ration and food to various areas in Delhi/NCR.  You can view the…

Monthly Healing Updates – Apr 2020

Mission Heal conducted a special drive “Mission Covid-19 Hunger Relief” in coordination with the police to identify major areas affected with Covid -19 situation. The biggest problem the people in these areas are facing is the availability of food and rations.  For weeks, they have been without any work and most have exhausted their savings.   The…

Monthly Healing Updates – Mar 2020

Mission Heal, an NGO for underprivileged children in India, plans to support the lives of thousands of people, which it touches through its various welfare activities and social/community initiatives that will empower them and provide them with a better living.  In the month of March 2020, we distributed medicines, hygiene kit on women’s day for…

Monthly Healing Updates Jan 2020

Our child welfare NGO, Mission Heal, is striving to help children in experiencing the feeling of love and respect in society. With zeal and perseverance in our efforts, our expectations to make a difference in the lives of many necessitous children are rising every day.   Mission Heal, is developing the framework necessary to meet the…

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