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Mission Heal fake or not, a myth to distract people and our donors.

Mission Heal fake or not

is Mission Heal fake or not, a question raised by some individuals who may not fully understand the concept of charitable work. They wonder if it is right or wrong to trust this organization and whether they should support it by becoming a part of it or making donations. Today, we will discuss the individuals who are raising these questions about Mission Heal’s authenticity.

Is Mission Heal fake or not? 

The question of whether Mission Heal fake or not or not is unanswerable. It is evident that we are not fake, as we actively engage in activities in areas such as slums and have the support of millions of people. If we were fake, we would not have such support.

There are people who question whether Mission Heal fake or not. This is due to a lack of understanding about our work and a lack of education. These individuals do not read our posts or visit our website to learn about the work we do, the effort we put in, and the many smiles we bring to people’s faces.

If Mission Heal were a fake NGO, the government would not have granted a license to the organization. We know that many NGOs came out of the shadows after the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Home Ministry dashboard, approximately 20,000 NGO licenses were cancelled by the government in July 2023. Fortunately, Mission Heal was not one of them.

Why is manipulating so easy?

Manipulating others is the easiest task for a useless being who doesn’t contribute to society or their family. Bringing others down becomes their only job. Unfortunately, due to the existence of many fake NGOs that take charity from people under the guise of working for the welfare of society, the people of India have lost trust in NGOs. However, it’s important to note that not every NGO is fake.

What makes Mission Heal real and different from others?

The simplest answer I can give you is to visit our website, which is [missionheal.org]. There, you can check out our current initiatives and ongoing affairs, as well as our mission. This should give you a good idea about whether Mission Heal is fake or not. We understand that in India, charity is not always a popular concept, as many people are sceptical of it.

Many people consider charity calls or donation requests from NGOs as fake or a waste of time. We understand that some individuals are not interested in donating, but as a responsible NGO in India, it is our duty to educate people about the current situation in the country and request their support. While some may choose to contribute, others may not, but we make an effort to spread awareness and encourage people to help in any way they can.

Contributions can be a big help.

Making calls to people and asking for donations can be a challenging task, as it’s understandable that not everyone would believe in it. However, we would like you to ponder on this question: What if a member of your family needed help someday and there was no one to assist them? How would you feel? In such a situation, you would seek help, wouldn’t you? You would reach out to people for assistance, and some would respond while others may not. That is precisely what we do as an NGO. Our job is to help those in need, as even a small contribution can make a significant difference in someone’s life and provide them with much-needed support.

The efforts we make as Mission Heal

The organization prepares nutritious meals for those in need who lack support. We also provide medical services and quality education to children who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and whose parents cannot afford to send them to high school.

Do you still think that Mission Heal is fake or not?

If you are interested, you are welcome to visit our NGO and speak to people. Who were once a part of it but are still working with us. You will see the smiles on their faces and the positive impact we are making on their lives. In this world, there are many who will try to stop you, but it is up to you to choose who to surround yourself with on your journey.


The world is full of people who don’t want others to succeed and try to hold them back. However, it’s up to us to decide whether we want to be around such individuals or not. As an NGO, we don’t worry about those who question the legitimacy of our mission. We know what we want to accomplish, and that’s what sets us apart from others.

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