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Mission Heal is an unstoppable force changing the lives of the poor

Mission Heal

Mission Heal is an incredible force that is changing the lives of countless people in India with their tireless efforts, they strive to create a healthy and sustainable future for underprivileged citizens by addressing fundamental issues such as education, health, and more.

Mission Heal a Helping Hand for the Poor’s

Poverty is a major issue that affects human beings. In this practical world where the economy is the most powerful thing, everything requires money to thrive.

Low-income families in India are the ones who face challenges the most. These families, who have been struggling to meet their basic needs for their entire lives, Unfortunately, they have not had access to the opportunities they need to improve their situation. 

Why is Mission Heal helping underprivileged citizens?

Assisting the youth and citizens can ultimately benefit the country. We understand that the youth are the future of our country, and India has immense potential. Our aim as an NGO is to provide basic rights and resources to those who are less fortunate.

Education by Mission Heal

Education is an incredibly powerful tool that can have a positive impact on a person’s entire life as well as the lives of their family. It not only helps you earn money but also shapes you into a good person who can navigate the complexities of the modern world. As an NGO, Mission Heal is committed to this belief. We provide free education to underprivileged children living in slums and on the streets, along with free study materials. Our goal is to ensure that their future is as bright as the sun.

Empowering the female community

Education is a fundamental right for women to have access to education and to be a part of this world. It is our responsibility to treat everyone with respect and provide them with equal opportunities. Our mission is to empower women by providing them with free education and skill development training we work tirelessly to unleash their potential and provide them with a platform to excel.

Health facilities

The health sector is crucial to human life. Mission Heal strongly believes that good health is the key to achieving success in life. The organization provides free medical facilities and regular check-ups to the people living in slums and on the streets, as they are at a higher risk of poor health.

Nature nourishment

Mission Heal values the significance of nature in our lives. Without a healthy environment, even good health is meaningless. Our dedication is to ensure that our nature remains strong and evergreen. We organize various eco-friendly activities and street cleaning programs, and we educate people about waste recycling and other related practices.

Healthy meals to nourish the soul

The slums and streets are home to the majority of people who suffer from hunger. These individuals are already less fortunate and struggling to make ends meet. As an NGO, we are committed to addressing this issue by organizing free food camps in these areas and distributing nutritious meals our ultimate goal is to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry.

Clothes distribution

Mission Heal provides free clothes to people living in areas like slums, where most people wear dirty and unhygienic clothing.

Relief from natural disasters

The organization is dedicated to providing welfare for society. No matter what the problem is, we are always there for people who don’t have any support. When COVID-19 appeared, many lost their hope of living, along with their income and jobs. Surviving was very hard during that time. However, the team of Mission Heal saved the day by distributing monthly rations to low-income families. 


We consider the people of India as our own family, and we treat them as such. Simply providing them with help is not enough. our goal is to create a life-changing impact on their lives. The smiles on the faces of these people not only bring peace to our souls but also boost our confidence.

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