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Mission Heal is one of the best Private Voluntary Organization

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Mission Heal is one of the best Private Voluntary organizations for feeding the poor. Food is essential for every living organism. Eating good food has not few, but too many benefits. It helps in completing various spheres of life. Healthy food not only balances our physical health, but also our mental health. When we eat healthy food, it impacts our health and helps us in protection from diseases. For example, green vegetables help us to maintain fitness and strength. That means healthy food items keep away long-term illnesses like diabetes and B.P.

A question might be arising in your mind. If this is so simple to stay healthy, why most people are suffering from Obesity? According to the survey, most people in India are suffering from obesity. People are becoming obese faster than expected. But, still, there is hope that if they try, they can control it. It is observed that obese people are more likely to eat junk food. Junk food contains sugar, salts, fats, and more things in bulk that contribute to obesity. Whereas healthy food helps you in getting rid of all these harmful things.

Also, healthy food helps you to save money. It is a little cheaper as compared to junk food. Plus, all that goes into preparing healthy food is of low cost. Thus, eating healthy food will save your health along with your wealth. Our Private Voluntary Organizations strives to feed hungry people. Feeding people is among one of the noblest jobs. Serving humans and humanity should be everyone’s life priority. Our NGO will do whatever we can do for the better survival of poor families and children. Getting a full stomach meal is everyone’s right. As a responsible NGO, we will fight to avail every right of poor people.

Comparison between Healthy Food and Junk Food by Private Voluntary Organizations

If we see the current scenario, we will observe how the fast-food market is increasing at a rapid rate. With access to online delivery apps, people are more inclined and get to eat junk food. Also. Junk food is tastier and easier to cook in a short time as compared to healthy food.

But, just to satisfy our taste buds we are risking our and our loved-ones health. This is a fact that you feel more satisfied after having junk food but is it healthy?? Did you ever ask yourself that is only for getting the feeling of fullness and taste there is nothing else? What about your health and fitness are they not going to affect after consuming junk food? Yes, definitely this food will affect your health then why all are eating more junk food. Consumption of fast-food leads to poor concentration the more you eat it the more you will crave it.

Moreover, you may also get digestive problems as junk food does not have fibers contained in them. Fibers help in the better digestion of food we eat. Junk food leads to an irregularity of blood sugar levels. This is because junk food contains very less carbohydrates and proteins. Junk food also increases levels of cholesterol and triglyceride.

Healthy food contains a plethora of nutrients. This helps in keeping the body, mind, and soul healthy. Healthy foods promote better brain functioning along with good immunity. Our Private Voluntary Organization suggests intaking whole food for better health. We must recognize that though junk food may seem more tempting and appealing, it comes with a great cost. A cost that is very hard to pay so, we all must eat healthy foods and strive for a longer and healthier life. A healthy body, works well.

What do we do as a Private Voluntary Organizations in Delhi?

On daily basis, we visit several locations in Delhi, U.P., and NCR to distribute food. Areas like Andrews Ganj have the maximum number of slum-dwellers. We reach them and avail them with food packets. These food packets contain roti, dal, rice, vegetables, and sometimes sweets.

There is so much poverty in this area and so many ghettos are here. These families are living in extreme poverty and problem. In India, food is hailed as nectar, and wastage of food is considered a sin. Our elders always teach us to eat a little less than what fills our stomachs. In short, we should eat less than our appetite. One should eat 50% of stomach needs with solid food. Another 25% with fluids and the resting stomach should be empty.

But after all these ideologies on food wastage do you know that one-third of food goes to waste? That is more than enough to feed three billion people. As per statistics, the average person in India wastes 137 grams of food every single day. That’s 0.96 kg per week or 50 kg per year. In India, 40% of the food got wasted which is equal to Rs 92,000 crores a year.

Private Voluntary organizations urge to stop the wastage of food. In one single step that can make our country and planet a better place to live. It is a very easy habit that needs to take care of. Try to change your existing habits of how we consume and store our food. Changing tiny habits will help you keep yourself healthy and fit. A healthy body can think and work well. Start focusing on yourself as a healthy and sound soul.


  • By reducing food wastage, we can reduce pressure on Earth and its resources. Food wastage reduction helps the environment and carbon footprints. On a personal level when you breathe in the fresh air it will help you to be healthy, fit, and disease-free.
  • Reduction in food wastage conserves natural resources. When someone wastes food the natural and physical resources, both get wasted. For example, when you cook food it impacts land, air, water, energy, and other things. But all that got wasted when you waste your food. Try not to waste your food instead give it to someone in need.
  • It helps you save money as a large part of the household budget goes into procuring food items.
  • Reduction in food wastage reduces greenhouse gases. Since food waste is one of the reasons for methane gas, which is a major component of greenhouse gases.
  • Food is the single-largest category of material placed in municipal landfills. This is the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions. More than 85 percent of GHG emissions are from land-filled food waste.

Bottom Line: –

Private Voluntary Organizations suggests and urges you to plan your portion of food. This will help you in the reduction of food wastage. We help many families in fighting hunger you too can volunteer with us. Visit our website https://missionheal.org/to volunteer and contribute to us for the poor. Get daily notifications by following our social media accounts. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.