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Mission Heal Real Highlighting Barriers to Good Health for Citizens

Mission Heal Real

“First and foremost, health is wealth,” Ralph Waldo Emerson famously stated. Without better mental and physical conditions, anything you earn is useless. Mission Heal Real is committed to be helping hand and guide to our readers, donors, and honorable citizens who are in need of help. In today’s post, we highlight all the barriers we have all faced during a specific time.

India is an emerging superpower that is proudly achieving heights in every sector. But we are still lacking behind in a major sector, which is the health sector. There are numerous health statistics that are concerning. The power of wealth is in the hands of certain people. Despite this, the 10% of the population controls 55% of the wealth during and after the pandemic, while the other 45% controls only 13% of the income. Data, on the other hand, shows that the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few people is decreasing. Unfortunately, the situation worsens.

Many of you must not be aware of the difference between wealth and income. At a given point in time, wealth is defined as assets minus debts. Income is money that a person receives on a regular basis, such as wages. Income inequality, according to the report, is usually less than wealth inequality. In India, it is estimated that the top 10% earn 20 times more than the bottom 50%. The report says that data released by the government has severely worsened over the last three years, making it especially complicated to evaluate the latest inequality changes.

The foremost reason for the poor health condition in India is low income, i.e., unequal distribution of wealth. However, there is a difference between wealth and income, which many of you are not aware of, so Mission Heal Rea lmake this clearer.

Income Inequality Is Equal to That During British Rule

Before, we share the evidence let you make clear about the difference between wealth and income. Wealth is basically deducting asset from debts at a point of time, whereas income is an asset receive at intervals. Gender inequality in global earnings is also estimated in the World Inequality Report 2022.

The earnings estimated for this only include labour income, or wages and salaries, as well as the workforce share of self-employment income. This means that women in India received only 18.3% of the labour income in 2020. What women earned in other developing is nearly half of economies like Brazil (38.5%) and China (33.4%), as well as the global average (34.70%). Among different regions of the world, Indian women’s earnings share is comparable to that of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Women’s labor-force earnings in India grew at a slower rate between 2010 and 2020 (19% increase) than between 2000 and 2010 (36% increase).

Mission Heal Real | How does unequal income cause poor health?

Covid 19 second wave exposed the alarming situation of India’s health care for low income group people. It is an irony as the healthcare sector of India is increasing with rate of 22.9% and worth of $100 million expected to reach at $372 billion in 2022.

Poverty and poor health are connected around the world. Ideological, social, and economic injustices are at the root of millions of people’s poor health around the world. Poverty is both the cause and the result of poor health. Poverty increases the likelihood of poor health. In turn, poor health deadfalls communities in poverty. Annually, infective and overlooked tropical diseases harm and destabilize millions of the India’s most vulnerable and impoverished people.

To address poverty and poor health, the economic and political structures that sustain poverty and discrimination must transform. Minority people and disadvantaged people  frequently the worst affected, lacking information, funds, and access to health care that would aid in disease prevention and treatment.

Poor and vulnerable people  forced to make difficult decisions, such as attempting to put their health at risk in order to prevent their children from going hungry.

Due to various cultural and social barriers, disadvantaged groups, including indigenous communities, may use health services less frequently, with grave consequences for their health. This contributes to their disproportionately large poverty.

A female relative frequently assumes caring, who forced to forego her education or take on fought and won work in order to meet the household’s expenses. Failing to grasp out on education has long-term consequences for a woman’s future opportunities as well as her own health.

Mission Heal Real a helping hand to Poor People

Overpopulation and poor living conditions can help spread airborne diseases like tuberculosis and respiratory infections like pneumonia. The use of campfires or conventional stoves can result in lethal indoor air pollution. A lack of food, safe drinking water, and proper sanitation can also be potentially lethal.

During pre and post Covid 19 era there were many poor family, especially residing in slum areas in miserable condition. At that time, mission heal real come to them and feed them with all nutritious food. Apart from these missions heal real Ngo provide medical facilities for underprivileged people and nutritious food

The mission heal real NGO works to raise health awareness in the society. During our visit to slums we aware individual about the importance of physical and mental health. Maintaining health is important. Any issue has an adverse effect on the health of a person.  We help to fight any challenge they face and guide them to establish a better metabolism.

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