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Mission Heal Review: A Light of Hope for the Poor

Mission Heal Review

“There is enough on this planet for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed.” This quote of our father of a nation has a deep meaning if we try to understand it. Even after more than 70 years of independence, food scarcity remains a concern. Hunger is an issue that hits our economy the most, and malnourishment from this eventually leads to this severe problem. One organization is working day and night to eliminate hunger and heal the poor. Today I am writing a Mission Heal Review to tell you about their initiative for the unprivileged section of society.

With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India has seen massive growth in the last two decades. The GDP has increased 4.5 times, while per capita demand is growing three times. Similarly, food production has nearly doubled. Despite superb economic and industrial growth, and producing enough food to feed its population. India is unable to provide nourishment to a large percentage of people, particularly women and children.

You’ve probably received a lot of inquiries like, “Is Mission Heal a fake? ” To malign its reputation. I’m not even sure why people spread false information. I discovered some comments. I’ll talk about these false remarks for sure.

You probably wonder why I am posting a Mission Heal review. Such a noble organization that will not even take a penny of your donation for hungry children. These comments are just adding fuel to the fire. It only takes a moment to write something without knowing the facts.

Mission Heal Review : Food Drive during Covid

Let me now provide some clarification on their job. It will demonstrate that your smile is unaffected by politics. They merely want to offer them a helpful hand. Let me ask you a few questions first, which you should definitely start by asking yourself.

Why is it that when someone wants to help someone without any ulterior motive, we raise questions on them?

Are you inhumane? Why did you only raise your hand now? When I searched for “Best NGO for Hunger Driver,” I came upon this organization.  With them, volunteering is really simple. Visit their website to learn everything to know about them.

During covid they also help the needy and provided amenities to many who were left with no choice. At that period mission heal has come out as an angel to them.The  lockdown may have not affected the salaried class people , but it has badly impacted lower income groups. You must have seen the news clipping when daily wagers were forced to migrate and were left hopeless. At that time, Mission Heal came as helping hands.

At that time, I decided to volunteer for the organization who can feed the needy.Before that I did a lot of research who is working for needy people and driving hunger programs.

Few homeless individuals are cognizant of the dangers posed by the coronavirus and the treatments that can be used to combat it. At that time, growing numbers of confirmed cases of the current coronavirus outbreak were reported in India.

This reveals numerous homeless people who are living on the streets without access to health treatment or the means to self-quarantine. It’s our responsibility to help them survive.

Mission Heal Review:  A Call That Changes Everything

I was busy when I got a constant call from different numbers. As I was unable to pick up the call . But after some time I again got a call and picked it up and from the other side a person was telling me about the mission heal NGO. They told me about the work and drive for a food program for unprivileged children. I was not clear whether to trust or not? I ask the person who was on the call how I can trust you, what is the guarantee and fund she is utilizing for the cause.

So I decided to volunteer before donating and I filled all the forms and started volunteering with them. We went to many slum areas in Delhi and served them food , blankets and clothes.

The food  prepared in their own kitchen and they take all steps to maintain hygiene. The staff was quite helpful. I had the impression that I was entering heaven after being set free from my sins. I get goosebumps, and occasionally, when I see the poor conditions they are living in, I cry because it is so heartbreaking to see them like this.

Respiratory problems were at high pace and people suffering from asthma, pneumonia and other problems were at high risk. The most vulnerable were old ones and young ones. They also provide health checkup facilities and medicine to needy ones.They also distributed free masks, sanitization packs and did counselling sessions,  keeping in mind the no contact rules.


Mission heal takes initiative to enhance the daily lives of those distressed and lacking in the little pleasures of life. They end up making funds accessible, work to uplift the underprivileged, and strive to provide them a chance at a better life. All good people who want to support this worthy project are welcome to do so. We think that having a healthy and happy life is a fundamental human right. We also provide aid to people who are in difficult situations in the type of assistance, educational resources, and treatment help.

I feel really warm after volunteering with them and from this point I provide them aid whether it is in monetary form or in commodity form. This made me feel like writing a Mission Heal Review.

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