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Mission to Heal poor people living in slums and ghettos of Delhi

mission to heal

Mission Heal NGO is working on the mission to heal poor families and children. We heal people through various kinds of services. Some of the main activities are education, food distribution, and clothes distribution. We are working with the mission to improve the life quality of Slum-dwellers. Mission Heal’s main emphasis is on education and the environment.

In this article, we will focus on understanding the importance of correct nutrition. Many people are suffering from many kind of nutrition deficiency.

Nutrition is very important to focus on. Eating healthy with proper care of nutrition is very important for a healthy body. We as an NGO educate people on things that are essential for better living.

Let’s start with what we do as NGOs and what more we can do at our homes.

What do we do for Mission to heal?

We motivate every individual to become independent. Our NGO treats every individual as the same and urges the same to do. Our volunteers try sincere efforts to make the poor’s life easy and comfortable. The families are not able to access their basic needs. That is why we can provide them with the necessities. Our NGO provided free services to heal their life a little bit. Hunger is the main reason for malnutrition in India.

Our NGO aspires to live a healthy and happy life for needy families. Besides this, we too contribute to the betterment of the environment and nature. In Delhi, you will get to see poor people fighting for their survival. This is why we trying to tackle the problem of hunger and a clean environment. Your support can help these families in living better and healthier life.

Mission to Heal is increasing its work activities by expanding its work areas. During the pandemic, our organization supported the underprivileged section by providing rations. They are the daily wages of laborers who earn daily and eat daily. But due to the lockdown people living in the slums faced many problems. Their kids suffered from malnutrition and without any money, they were not able to treat.

Other Initiatives to promote the mission to heal the poor:-

Other than food and the environment, these are the areas where we are working on the mission to heal the poor.

Women empowerment

Our NGO promotes women and encourages society for women’s empowerment. We educate them with various skills. That could be beneficial for them in earning money for their survival. Statistics show that the current sex ratio in India is 101.68 males per 100 females. This is a perfect sign of moving towards becoming a developed country. Our team empowers women and girls to develop themselves. The more we empower the girls the more we help our economy to grow. This is our decision about what type of economy we want to live in.


Due to lack of money, poor children have very less access to schools. Their parents are not so capable that they will send them to private schools. Neither do they have money to afford a smartphone. We all know what happened during Covid. Except for ration shops or essential every shop or others has to shut their business. Schools went online and these children again got deprived of education. For children like them, we run campaigns in which we visit slums and educate the children. We are working on the mission to heal is taking small steps in making India illiteracy free.

Free medical assistance

Before, during, and after the time we supported families with medical help. They cannot afford their medical expenses but they need them too. We help them with free medical health checkups and counseling for their health.

Why do we need to take care of the nutrition of the poor?

Due to insufficient nutrition, a variety of medical problems can affect your appetite. Anyone out of these could be your illness, medicines, or surgery can cause these problems. Many people become frustrated when they know they need to eat to get well. But they aren’t hungry, or when they gain weight because they are fatigued and unable to exercise.

These days you must have heard that people are following certain kinds of diets. Some of them are: –

Keto dieting

Intermediate fasting

  • Raw food diet
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Atkins diet
  • Noom diet
  • Dubrow diet
  • Carnivore diet

This means you will get a bulk of options. But it is a fact that is going to help you. The day when you start taking care of your nutrition requirement, you will be happy and healthy.

In case you want to follow any kind of diet, then you have to take care of two things. The first one is, suffering from any kind of disease. The second thing is, afford a proper dietician then you can go on their advice. These diets need special attention and care and hence you need an educated person.

You cannot experiment on yourself by seeing others. This is your body and you are living in it. Hence, you need to understand the amount of nutrition your body needs and what amount you are giving. Giving too much or too less in both cases is not good for your body and mind growth.

This changes when we talk about the poor. They fight with hunger. We have identified many families, especially children who stay hungry for days. We serve at various locations in Delhi/ NCR, Meerut, and U.P.

As soon we get such information, we reach out to them and help them. We urge you to help us in feeding hungry people.


You too can contribute to humanitarian services by joining our NGO. For getting along with our NGO visit our website https://missionheal.org/. If you have any queries, you can write us at [email protected]/. Or you can follow us on social media sites for daily activity updates. For this do follow LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and, Instagram.