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Mission Heal | Need to Empower Poor Women of Our Society

Mission Heal

Mission Heal NGO is working day and night to empower women of our society. Women play an important role in the upliftment of society and the country. But unfortunately, India is a male-dominated country. Here women are always grown up with a mentality that they have to manage the house duties. We as an NGO trying to empower women by helping them to become independent. Doesn’t matter who is the man in a woman’s life to fulfill her needs. Women need to fulfill their expenses on their own. She should not be liable to anyone whom she had to answer to or dependent upon.

Mission Heal NGO focuses on women’s empowerment because there is gender discrimination in society. Everyone now a day is pointing to the empowerment of women. It’s right to say that women’s empowerment has become the necessity of the time. Women should have liberty, faith, and self-worth to opt for their needs and demands. Discrimination based on gender is useless and is having zero worth. This can be seen by looking at the growth of women in the last few decades. Women get less paid and are sometimes treated as a cook and slaves in families. Their real potential fails to get highlighted.

Women empowerment in India is important. To overcome situations of such types and to provide them with their independent role. Empowering women is a necessary right of women. They should have proportional rights to contribute to society, economics, education, and politics. They should get gain higher education and receive similar treatment as men.

How to reduce gender inequality in society?

Talk to women and girls.

The main reason we are not able to reduce gender inequality is that we do not let them talk. Women’s and girls’ voices are too often excluded from global and national decision-making.

Let girls use mobile phones.

Many families still won’t allow female members to use phones, especially android ones. According to data about 10 percent female of rural India are still not using a smartphone.

Stop child marriage and sexual harassment.

At least 1.5 million girls under 18 get married in India every year. We all know there are so many rules and regulations on child marriage and harassment. But still, people are following such practices.

Make education, gender sensitive.

Education is essential for every gender. People make education, gender specific. Nearly 40 percent of adolescent girls do not attend school in India. Women’s education is important as it contributes to the development of society.

Raise the aspirations of girls and their parents. 

Awareness of girl education is important for both the parents and the child. Yes, there is a difference in the thought process but that is still a lot more to work upon. We need to give girls images and role models that expand their dreams.

Empower mothers.

It is true that if a woman of a family is educated, she makes sure that her children also get an education. This enhances the understanding level between the parents and the children. This help women to empower women to make the choices in their lives.

Give proper value to ‘women’s work’ 

This is important to appreciate women for their work. Does not matter if she is a homemaker or working at an organization. She deserves an equal amount of respect and appreciation.

Get women into power

Empower women at your home and workplace. Give the power or authority of work where you support her, but let her do the work on her own.

Encourage women into non-traditional vocations

Non-traditional vocations mean knowledge of repairing cars & motorcycles, driving, hospitality, and mobile-phone fixing. How many of you have seen women repairing a car or motorcycle? Barely one or two percent of people have sawn a doing all these activities. We have to educate women for such works as well.

Work together

If a woman is working with you, support her in her work and work together. There are still many colleagues who do not treat female colleagues equally as them. These practices destroy her confidence along with her productivity at work. As an individual no one should do this type of inequality.

Stop the violence

In many places/homes still, women face domestic violence. Though there are many rules and punishments applicable for doing such activities. But still, women get beaten up by their husbands or sometimes by their husband’s families. One who suffers or one who knows someone doing such this should complain to the authority.

 Beware the backlash

There are people who on the front talk good things and back behind they troll females. As we have discussed above, many organizations and co-workers treat differently. The difference may be in the terms of promotions, increments, or other appreciations. We have to stop these kinds of discrimination if we want to see India as a developed country. Hence. this is very important to empower the ladies of our society to boost their confidence.

To Wrap Up

Mission Heal NGO thus tries to help them in their empowerment to get equal treatment in society. Women empowerment in India is one of the principal terms for society’s development. There is nothing erroneous in participating in the development of society. In the world of corporates, women are playing many roles in meadows, such as medical, engineering, and so on.

Being an NGO Mission Heal has commenced executing programs on women empowerment. We empower them via education & other essential rights. Our target rotates around the empowerment of every single girl child. So that when they join the level of evolving as an adult, they should be competent souls.

Our NGO for social welfare is framing the strategies on girl child education. So that their remaining life from now onwards would be a steady ride. We hope this Blog will give you a new way of thought about women and their capabilities. You can read more articles and blogs on our website https://missionheal.org/.  Get daily updates from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.