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Organization of the community| Empowering Women in our Society

Organization of the Community


Organization of the community: Mission Heal works around the clock to empower women in our society. Women contribute significantly to the advancement of the nation and society. However, India is a male-dominated society. In this country, women are constantly told that they have to handle the homes. As, we aspire to empower women by providing assistance to them in gaining its independence. It doesn’t matter who the guy in a mother’s pregnancy is who meets her needs. Women must meet their expenditures on their own. She should not be accountable to anybody or be highly reliant on anyone.

Due to gender discrimination in our society, organization of the community focuses on women’s empowerment. Nowadays, everyone is trying to point to women’s empowerment. It is correct to say that female equality has become an urgent necessity. Women should have the freedom, faith, and self-esteem to choose their own needs and demands. The practice of gender discrimination is pointless and has no value. Having to look at the growth of women over the last few decades demonstrates this. Women paid less and occasionally treated as servants and cooks in communities. Their full potential is not properly utilized.

Mission Heal sees Women’s empowerment as a critical in India. To overcome such circumstances and give them a self-sufficient role women empowerment is a necessary right. They should be given fractional privileges to contribute to society in areas such as economics, education, and politics. Participants should get a better education and be treated the same as men.

Organization of the Community Gender Inequality in India

When we talk about poverty, it is at greater scale for girls and women than men.  According to many reports, when any government reduces its expenditure on healthcare, education, infrastructure the adverse effect is always comes to women and girls.

In Indian society, gender inequality is a major concern. Even after a constitution, that assures similar rights for men and women, as well as decades of legislation, serious gender inequality in India have a severe impact on women’s lives. Also, after strong economic growth, gender inequalities are all too common: 1,000 girls die before attaining the age of five each day as a result of neglect.

Women face discrimination in several areas in India, along with less access to learning and employment, inadequate in policy views, weaker nutritional status, and health than men, the most visible violence against women.

While a more in-depth examination of the problem may result in disagreements about the defined as the ratio value of different causes and thus approaches to way to solve it is important to bring all together huge factors that contribute to India’s deep and wide – ranging gender inequality.

Causes of Gender Inequality in India

Patriarchal Based Society

India has been a remarkably patriarchal society since decades have passed. In Indian society, the male domination helps improve to the basic inequality between men and women. Women were not able to have a say in matters troubling their roots in cultural progress or the advancement of the community as a whole because they were viewed as a part of their father or partner’s home.


Provided all of the development and latest rise to fame, it is easy to forget that India is still one of the poorest nations in the world, which is one of the primary causes of gender inequality in the country. Despite the accessibility of educational opportunities in rural areas, family members decide to send their sons to school rather than their daughters, which is one of the most major disadvantages.

Women’s Lack of Awareness

Among the main factors behind gender injustice is a women’s lack of awareness of their rights and capacity to achieve equality. Such a lack of awareness is frequently causing through gaining ground social and cultural expectations . That requires women to be inferior to men. It is essential to shatter these limitations and educate women about their protections so that they can support equality.

The Importance of Being Aware for Women and Girls

In India, women treated as 2nd citizens, and the scenario is worsening. Gender equality in the country is shockingly bad. According to world economic forum, it will take 132 years to remove gender gap. According to the World Economic Forum’s annual Gender Gap Report 2022. India ranks 135th out of 146 countries in terms of gender equality. On the list of 146 countries, just Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Iran, and Chad  ranked lower than India.

The World Economic Forum reported that India’s gender gap score reached its seventh-highest threshold in the last 16 years, but it remains one of the worst performers across various parameters.

This is, without a doubt, a finally woke call for each of us. We must all work together to help women overcome discrimination. We need to raise awareness of Indian women’s legal rights. Care India is one of many organizations working to raise awareness about women’s rights and equality.

We must vigorously support such organization of the community that work to just provide women with equal rights and opportunities. Furthermore, we must change the mentality of people, particularly men, who really believe that women are weaker in comparison to them. We must enforce on everyone the idea of women’s empowerment.

Because of numerous factors such as rising levels of women’s discrimination in India as well as various discriminatory social norms, laws, and cultural practices. India ranked cheap on various indicators that way of measuring gender equality, This includes economic participation and opportunity, education levels, women’s participation, and legal protection.

Some of the key areas or examples of gender inequality in India, where women face discrimination include less access to education and employment, under-represented in political positions. poorer health, and nutrition than men,


While a deeper analysis of the problem may cause disagreement with respect to the relative importance of various causes and therefore the approach to the solution. It is necessary to bring together the major issues that contribute to making gender inequality in India . Mission Heal organization of the community, for the community highly believes that empowering girls and women are more important.

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