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People’s Organization| Why we should help poor families & children?

People’s Organization

Mission Heal is a people’s organizations. We work for the betterment and upliftment of the poor. Most people see poverty as an insolvable problem, in society. But the truth is we can help them with little care and support.

Poverty is a signal of the failure to get suitable resources for the achievement of one’s ends. Life in this world is always quoted as the limitation of resources as compared to what we desire to achieve. The poor person is unable to sustain his or her own life. There are a lot of reasons for their failure. Each case of poverty has its reasons.

You might be thinking that what is the goal to help the poor?

If we wish to help the poor, then read the article. Is it important to provide the needed resources to the impoverished person? With the help of this, they can achieve their ends.

In this article, we are going to read about the impact of human activities on Nature and other living things.

There is a very famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi that states

 ” The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed,”.

Man, who has more ask for more. As the purchasing power of individual increase, they start to ask for more resources. There is nothing in this universe that can satisfy a human’s greed.

Brief of Impacts: – 

Earlier humans used to live in jungles. But as they started thinking and progressing, they started cutting down trees. Such a condition has risen that due to so much cutting of plants people is now suffering for pure air.

Deforestation not only disturbed human life but also the life of humans and birds. You must have seen many videos and posts on afforestation. Where they make you aware that for building roads, houses, and factories are built up. But for that trees were cut down on a larger scale.

Cutting down trees provides humans space to live and develop. But that also destroys the houses of animals and birds. Many birds and animals are in the danger zone because of changes in the atmosphere and ecosystem.

Can’t you observe that on yourself??

You surely can but you do not pay that much attention that is needed.

Especially when you are living in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. This means those cities that are well developed with modern means of technology. Yes, this is true that there are many benefits of modern tools and technology. But we cannot forget the consequences that are happening around us.

People’s organization not only takes care of humans but also takes care of nature. We plant trees and educate everyone to use resources to limit them.

What made people’s organizations think in this way?

The first thing that makes us think in that way was the inadequacy of food in slums. Earlier when technology was fewer people had access to organic fruits and vegetables. They do not need to pay a very high rate for consuming or getting it. But as technology is developing the rates of products are increasing rapidly.

The food we consume right now is not as pure as earlier ones. There are a lot of insecticides and pesticides spread on them at their growing stages. Even wax is rubbed on their surface to make it shinier and more attractive for the customers with a hike in price.

Poor people cannot afford even seasonal fruits due to their high prices. The vegetables that have pesticides on them result in bad health even after washing. Nowadays, you are seeing more people switching toward home gardening of vegetables. Or those who can afford organic farming crops are paying too much for those resources.

Not only with eating substances affects our health. But also the utensils where we keep our crops and other resources. Earlier food was prepared in utensils made up of clay. But today we have a variety of metal utensils options like non-stick. No doubt this is in trend, cook meals faster, easy to wash, and durable. Whereas a clay pot used for cooking needs time, difficult to keep and wash.

This is the reason why people are switching to smart devices to save time. But for these things our natural resources are depleting on a large scale. We need to switch to the old methodology for longer and better living.

 Why is it necessary to switch to organic resources?

Well, here is a very simple thing that will help you to understand why you need this switch.

Question yourself!!

Earlier what is approx. age of a human?? and now what is the approx. age of Humans.?

We hope you get the answer, right… Isn’t it!

Now, this is the time when you should think that where we are doing wrong. Why the average life expectancy has decreased?

Yes, this is true that no one has the power to increase their death time but yes this depends on us and how we want to live. People’s organizations has felled certain things and that is: –

  • People who have an abundance of thing lacks happiness as they are busy getting more. They live their happiness and innocence far back. In the end, they realize that they lost so many things back and now they are in a multi-billion hospital.
  • Whereas, families, and children living in slums smile with small happiness. Pizza nowadays is a must for parties for rich people but for them, it is a kind of luxury. When someday we give them all this stuff they start running and eating with joy and happiness. The clothes that were of no use to you might be their festival wear.

Ask yourself are you really happy or just running behind in becoming happy?

Most of you will get the answer. All we have to say is to help others who cannot help themselves you will find your peace and happiness. People’s organizations have a vision of a world where every person at least has the access to basic needs. Your little help can support millions of families in the future.

Switch to organic methods to live longer and help them so that they can live. Visit our website at https://missionheal.org/.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for daily updates.