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India’s Social Movement Organization fighting for poor hunger

Social movement organization

Hunger is a major issue that affects the livelihood of many people. Mission Heal is a social movement organization that looks after this problem. Though we serve people with many services, but currently dealing with people’s hunger.

India is a country with a huge population. Most of the population lies in the category of poor background. Government and NGOs like us are trying their best to help such people in their survival.

In this article, we are going to discuss the growing food insecurity in India. We all know that without food a person cannot complete his work with full productivity.

Let’s start the article without further delay.

Social Movement Organization discussing the current status of hunger in India

  • In India, 224.3 million people are undernourished in the years 2019-2021. We all know the reason behind this and that is Covid.
  • The undernourishment in India is 14.8% higher than on the whole globe.
  • National Health Survey report: –

States that approximately 19 crore people sleep on an empty stomach in India every night.

  • The most alarming figure revealed is that approximately 4500 children die every day. The children five years in the country die due to hunger and malnutrition. This amounts to over three lakh deaths every year, owing to hunger, children alone.
  • India slipped to the 101st position in the Global Hunger Index. Out of 116 countries, from its 2020 position of 94th.

Top ways to reduce hunger Globally

  1. Sustainable Food

Mission Heal is an organization that helps transform agriculture. We distribute free food so that people can sustainably get food for themselves. This is a very powerful move to reduce hunger in society. Because we serve impoverished areas that are not able to arrange their own, steady, supply of food.

  1. Access to Credit

Many organizations help poor people to gain access to credit. Most of these credit loans are repayable. The credit helps to create many industries and farms. Farms help create a sustainable provision for people and also develop nations. People do not have access to credit, they cannot start up industries that combat poverty.

  1. Food Donations

Ideally, this would be better to get the entire world to a place of self-sustainability. It is not something that will happen overnight. In the meantime, this is important that we lend a helping hand. The impact of donations has an immense impact on world hunger. Social movement organizations like Mission heal help people through the “Poshan Program”. Under this program, we help at least thousands of families during a month.

  1. Transitioning

There is no doubt that many families are fighting to deal with their poverty. They need our help to transition into a state of self-dependence. We started our services with food distribution and slowly diversified our activities. All these diversified activities are for the welfare of the poor community.

  1. Urban Farming

Almost one-quarter of undernourished people live in rural areas. Recently this is observed that more people are migrating to cities in search of jobs. This somehow created hindrance in urban farming. Urban farming supports families to gain control over their food source. When they are capable of growing food grains on their own, they do not need someone else for this. Because food is a basic necessity no one can deny the fact that how difficult it is to stay hungry for days. Social movement organization promotes and aware people of urban farming.

  1. Access to Education

Education is the best tool against poverty and hunger. Especially when we want to develop underdeveloped countries. Education means better opportunities and easy access to income and food. Some countries have food-for-education programs. Like in India where students are given free food for coming and attending school. This might sound impractical but it is life-saving in many underdeveloped nations.

  1. Social Change

This is very important that we need social change. People have to understand that everybody on the earth has equal rights. We have seen that people often judge this as the major barrier on the road to social change. For solving such issues, we need to come together to bring such changes.

  1. Government Intervention

Many government schemes are made to help poor families all over the world. These programs help as well as monitor the problems faced by the poor.

  1. Empowering Women

An important factor that leads to social change the most. We as an NGO promote women’s empowerment. Our country and society need such changes to make their country more developed. Our organization support girl child by educating and empowering them. Not only in the field of education, but also in the field of skills.

  1. Birth Control Education

If we talk about India this is the most ignored topic as if this is of no use. But in reality, this topic needs to be discussed at the right age. Parents feel shy discussing such things in front of their children. They create an awkward environment when their children try to talk about such things. As a responsibility parents need to be aware of their children on such topics.


We need to focus on all the ten points if we want to see a hunger-free India. Social movement organization wishes to fulfill all the needs of the poor. Helping someone in need is the best you can do for their survival.

Defeating hunger at once is difficult, but this is not impossible. If we keep our confidence high, we can succeed in our Goal. Making India hunger-free will not only defeat hunger, but also improve livelihoods. Improved livelihood will help countries like India to develop more.

Mission Heal NGO urges every single reader and donor to keep supporting the poor. Their betterment depends on your donations and offerings. We welcome such people who are eager to help. For helping us in any form you can write us at [email protected]/.

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