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Social Movements in India and why education is mandatory for evolution

Social Movements

Social Movements Education is about acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, and exploring new possibilities. Unfortunately, the young generation of India lacks access to quality education due to various reasons. In today’s discussion. We will further explore the reasons and understand the importance of education in the life of our youth. And what part can…

Mission Heal: Empowering the Poor Women of Our Society

Empowering the Poor Women of Our Society

In every corner of our society, there are countless women battling the harsh realities of poverty. These brave souls face numerous challenges, from limited access to education and healthcare to societal prejudices that restrict their growth and potential. Recognizing the urgent need to uplift these women. Mission Heal has embarked on a journey to empower…

Social Movement Organization on World Day of Social Justice

Social movement organization

social movement organization: Social justice is an essential concept for a society to survive. This provides individuals with the capability and ability to achieve their dreams. However, many people are unaware of the concept of social justice. Because this causes havoc in society, it is clear that social justice has no meaning without equality. Every…

Social Movements| Bringing Awareness about National Energy Conservation Day

Social movement organization

Social Movements : Energy is a wide term and it is the basic source of living. The decision and practice of using energy efficiency and reducing energy waste referred to as energy conservation. The current state of climate change is mostly the result of global energy scarcity resources. Finding alternatives, such as sustainable energy conservation,…

India’s Social Movement Organization fighting for poor hunger

Social movement organization

Hunger is a major issue that affects the livelihood of many people. Mission Heal is a social movement organization that looks after this problem. Though we serve people with many services, but currently dealing with people’s hunger. India is a country with a huge population. Most of the population lies in the category of poor background. Government…