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Social Movements in India and why education is mandatory for evolution

Social Movements

Social Movements Education is about acquiring new knowledge, learning new skills, and exploring new possibilities. Unfortunately, the young generation of India lacks access to quality education due to various reasons. In today’s discussion. We will further explore the reasons and understand the importance of education in the life of our youth. And what part can we play as citizens of the country to fix this?

What are Social Movements?

Social Movements are a collaborative effort by groups of people who join forces to bring about political, social, or cultural change. Such movements are motivated by shared values, beliefs, and objectives aimed at creating a fair and just world and securing rights for those who lack them.

Social Movements can address a wide range of issues, including civil rights, environmental protection, gender equality, and more. Through their collective efforts, they seek to create a better and more inclusive society for all.

What are the statistics in India on education?

  • According to the latest figures, the literacy rate in India is only 74%. 
  • Bihar has the lowest literacy rate at approximately 63.8%, with a population which is 67%. The second state with a lower literacy rate is Arunachal Pradesh, and the third is Rajasthan.
  • At all India levels, the adult 15+ years literacy rate is 69.3%, and among males. It is 78.8%, and for females, it is 59.3%.
  • About 50% of India’s children have no access to quality education after primary school, and some of them didn’t even complete their primary school.

Why is education for children important?

Socialism: Education instils confidence in children, teaching them to socialize. Interact, and connect with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and ages.

Teamwork and discipline, Education instils teamwork and discipline, laying the foundation for future growth.

Mental development. Education today aims to develop all aspects of personality, including emotional and mental strength, determination to face challenges, and curiosity to learn and grow in life.

Confidence and self-esteem: the right school environment can boost a child’s confidence through activities such as drama, sports, the arts, and competitions. These activities can help children discover their talents, improve their interpersonal skills, and overcome their fears.

Prosperous and happy life, Education is crucial for a child’s career success. Making them capable of financial independence and achieving life goals.

Economic growth of a nation, education plays a crucial role in shaping responsible citizens who can effectively contribute to their country’s progress. An educated workforce comprised of artists, teachers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, and more can participate in the country’s growth and contribute to the economic development of the nation.

What is the future of education in India?

The future of education in India seems very promising with the advancements in technology and digitalization. Online education is having a significant impact, as websites, mobile apps, and virtual classrooms are helping to provide better and more accessible education to students.

Schools and colleges are adopting innovative teaching methods that cater to students’ interests and understanding. Additionally, there are efforts to promote vocational education, entrepreneurship, and innovation. These initiatives contribute to the overall development of education in India.

Why are the less fortunate lacking in education?

There are several reasons why the poor are lacking access to education in India. Financial constraints often make it difficult for families to afford school fees, uniforms, and books.

Other factors, such as the need for children to work and contribute to their family’s income. As well as social and cultural barriers, can also hinder access to education for the poor.

Mission Heal Social Movements are a savior for the needy.

Mission Heal Social Movements is a program that provides education and basic necessities to children and citizens in need while also promoting the importance of education through awareness camps.

The Mission Heal Social Movements aims to support children by providing them with quality education and free study materials in order to brighten their future. Additionally, they provide assistance to the less fortunate by offering healthy meals and free medical facilities to ensure that they are healthy and strong.

The Mission Heal organization empowers women with education and skill training to make them self-reliant.


Education can be an incredibly useful tool for achieving self-freedom and independence. It provides us with the power to control our surroundings and confront any situation that arises in our lives. With this power, a person can break the cycle of hardship within their family and prevent future generations from suffering the same fate. The Mission Heal Social Movements organization is to promote education and support those who are less fortunate and have lost hope in their lives. 

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