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An NGOs In India To Satiate The Hunger | Mission Heal

NGOs in India

India is a self-sufficient and self-reliant country and has an Indian godown that is overflowing. Also, people are starving from hunger. We understand this concern, so we, as an NGOs in India, are working towards a goal of satiating the hunger of underprivileged families and individuals. Due to low and uncertain incomes, families reliant on…

Help To Fight Against Cancer With Mission Heal, an NGO in India

At present, the disease of cancer has taken a terrible form in the world, especially in India. An NGO in India supports the fight against cancer. It is one of the leading causes of death. This continues to be the cause of concern even today. Currently, cancer is the preeminent cause of death after heart…

India’s Social Movement Organization fighting for poor hunger

Social movement organization

Hunger is a major issue that affects the livelihood of many people. Mission Heal is a social movement organization that looks after this problem. Though we serve people with many services, but currently dealing with people’s hunger. India is a country with a huge population. Most of the population lies in the category of poor background. Government…

People’s Organization| Why we should help poor families & children?

People’s Organization

Mission Heal is a people’s organizations. We work for the betterment and upliftment of the poor. Most people see poverty as an insolvable problem, in society. But the truth is we can help them with little care and support. Poverty is a signal of the failure to get suitable resources for the achievement of one’s ends….

Mission to Heal poor people living in slums and ghettos of Delhi

mission to heal

Mission Heal NGO is working on the mission to heal poor families and children. We heal people through various kinds of services. Some of the main activities are education, food distribution, and clothes distribution. We are working with the mission to improve the life quality of Slum-dwellers. Mission Heal’s main emphasis is on education and the environment….

Mission Heal | Need to Empower Poor Women of Our Society

Mission Heal

Mission Heal NGO is working day and night to empower women of our society. Women play an important role in the upliftment of society and the country. But unfortunately, India is a male-dominated country. Here women are always grown up with a mentality that they have to manage the house duties. We as an NGO…

Monthly Healing Updates – August 2022

Missions heal for underprivileged people and children is regularly trying to improve the life quality of vulnerable children and their families. We create awareness for Disability and deadly diseases. We provide supplies to these vulnerable children and their communities in India, including children living on the streets and those living in urban homeless families. You…

Mission Heal: non-governmental development organization for Poor.

Non-profit Organization

Non-governmental development organization missions heal for underprivileged people and children. We were established in 2014 and trying to improve the life quality of vulnerable children and their families. We create awareness for Disability, and deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, and cancer. NGO provides supplies to these vulnerable children and their communities in India. Including children living…