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Help To Fight Against Cancer With Mission Heal, an NGO in India

At present, the disease of cancer has taken a terrible form in the world, especially in India. An NGO in India supports the fight against cancer.

It is one of the leading causes of death. This continues to be the cause of concern even today. Currently, cancer is the preeminent cause of death after heart attack.

World Cancer Day is celebrated across the globe on February 4th. In India, in view of its militancy and to make people aware, an awareness campaign about cancer has been started from the year 2014. National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated every year on November 7th across the country.

Further, Mission Heal runs various health campaign programs for checkups. This organisationwas established with the intention of creating awareness, detecting and providing treatment, particularly for deprived sections of society. More than 65% of cases occur in the lower income class, and the goal is to make their lives happier. Mission Heal works towards their welfare

Since they began, we have continued to offer their support to numerous cancer patients in need. Mission Heal counsels patients and survivors while also promoting awareness of the disease, risk factors, and available preventative and therapeutic measures.

In addition to offering financial assistance to the poor, they also offer housing, therapy, and support groups for counselling.

Its mission is to transform the way the public views the treatable and preventable disease of cancer in India and to eradicate the stigma attached to it.

As a matter of facts the prevalence of cancer is rising quickly in India. As a result, it is crucial to increase public awareness of the disease. By adopting the appropriate lifestyle modifications, we expect that this will result in early detection, which is crucial for the management and treatment of cancer.

NGO in India

An NGO in India Sharing statistics on Atrocious Disease

  • According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), oral, lung, and breast cancer account for approximately half of all cancers in India, and this figure is rising year after year.
  • In India, 4,550,000 people die every year due to cancer, and more than 7 lakh new cases of cancer are there every year.
  • According to an Indian report presented in parliament, nearly 22.54 lakh have been reported in the last 3 years.
  • A Parliamentary report on an average, nearly 19 lakh new cases are registered every year.
  • The burden of cancer will succumb to India by 2025 to raise to 29.8 million.
  • ICMR report reveals nearly 7 seven major cancer category are their which accounts 40% : lung (10.6%), breast (10.5%), oesophagus (5.8%), mouth (5.7%), stomach (5.2%), liver (4.6%) and cervix uteri (4.3%).

Mission Heal Awareness Programs

The Mission Heal NGO in India is not less than a God for the poor people. We are conscientious about working for cancer patients at each stage of this hazardous disease. Slum dwellers are the most affected community, and they are unfortunately unaware of the region of India.

However, Our panel of doctors met them personally and performed regular health checkups. The goal is to raise the standard of living for slum people. Education, health, and the environment are Mission Heal’s key focus areas.

Our organization doesn’t discriminate and treats everyone fairly. Our volunteers make sincere efforts to make the cancer patient’s life easy and comfortable. The families are neither financially capable nor aware of such programs. Our NGO provided free regular checkups to heal their lives a little bit. Cancer is the main cause of death in India.

We have shared some eye-opening facts with you. Now we will tell you the most prevalent cancer type in India.

Types of Cancer Prevalent in India

Breast Cancer

It is the most prevalent cancer in India and is rapidly increasing among women in metropolitan areas. In order to effectively manage and cure it, early detection is crucial. Many women present with stage III or IV cancer, which necessitates surgery and intensive therapy, as a result of ignorance, fear, and social stigma. Early detection typically results in less aggressive therapy and greater recovery prospects.

Cervix Uteri Cancer

According to GLOBOCAN, 2020, cancer of the cervix uteri is the third most frequent cancer in India, accounting for 18.3% of all cases (123,907), and the second most common type of cancer in women, accounting for 9.1% of all deaths. It is only a preventable and curable disease when detected at a pre-cancer stage.

Lung Cancer

Although in both urban and rural populations, these are most prevalent in both men and women, and they are also largely preventable. Therefore, it is crucial to educate individuals about the risks associated with smoking and chewing tobacco. It accounts 10.6 %

Esophagus Cancer

It accounts for nearly 5.8%. It is more prevalent in men than women, or we can say even more than double. Somehow there is regional variation in the area.

Sign and Symptoms of Cancer

Sign and symptoms is an alarming news something is not right with your body. However, Cancer can develop signs and symptoms as it presses against neighboring blood arteries, nerves, and organs as it grows. Some organs, like the brain, might experience symptoms from even the smallest tumours.

You might experience indications or symptoms in various places of your body if your cancer metastasizes, or spreads to other parts of your body. The fact that cancer cells consume a large portion of your body’s energy source is another reason you can feel the symptoms. Additionally, they alter how your immune system functions.


  • If you are losing weight suddenly then this may be an alarming situation. It is found in stomach, oesophagus, pancreatic and lung cancer.
  • An early or late sign of cancer may be a bump or skin thickening. Breast, lymph node, soft tissue, and testicular malignancies are all commonly accompanied by lumps in patients.
  • The skin’s yellowing, deepening, or redness may be signs of malignancy. Additionally, lesions don’t heal need to be examined.
  • Pre Cancers that develop into oral cancer may be white patches inside your mouth or on your tongue. Other symptoms of some tumours include mouth sores, bleeding, or numbness.
  • Numerous types of malignancies are linked to unusual bleeding. Blood in the cough could be a sign of lung cancer. It’s possible for women with endometrial or cervical cancer to have irregular vaginal bleeding. Urine with blood in it may indicate bladder or kidney cancer. A woman’s nipple gushing blood could be a sign of breast cancer.
  • Anemia produces through lymphoma and leukemia (low red blood cell counts). Blood testing reveals these abnormal amounts. Anaemia can make you feel exhausted and frail.

Ayushman Bharat

However, the Indian Government came forward for the citizens of India and especially the financially poor section, Ayushman Bharat National Mission, a major health initiative. The scheme covers hospital residency, medical treatment.

It is really concerning that the burden of cancer is growing. In the past, using tobacco and drinking alcohol was thought to be the main causes of cancer. Obesity, radiation from cell phone towers, vegetables cultivated in contaminated water, such as rivers near factories, food adulteration, and artificial food and vegetable coloring all raise the risk of cancer.


Mission Heal is an NGO in India, we not only support at the beginning, but we also help them afterwards. We know that some sections of society are totally dependent on us as a responsible organization. We would appeal to you to donate to this noble cause. Every single donation can make a difference.

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